Kevin Feige Enjoyed Becoming Marvel's Hilarious Spider-Man Meme

One of the more memorable and humorous moments of the Spider-Man: Homecoming press tour was the initial confused reaction of Marvel President Kevin Feige when producer Amy Pascal made reference to potential crossover between Tom Holland's Spider-Man and Sony's upcoming Venom and Silver & Black movies.

With a visible gulp and a pained, nervous look on his face, Feige's reaction was thrown into a pit with the wolves of the internet, who used it to concoct hilarious videos and memes that had the potential to become the stuff of internet legend. From a respectful homage to the "Sound of Silence" video featuring Sad Ben Affleck during the Batman v. Superman press tour to a perfect usage of the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme, the rise of "Confused Kevin Feige" has been amusing to watch. Feige himself had not commented on the reaction up until recently, when he finally spoke out and gave us his thoughts on the newest phenomenon.

In an interview with Comic Book promoting Spider-Man: Homecoming, Feige seemed to be ecstatic that his reaction was caught, joking that he always wanted to become an internet meme. Now that his day has finally come, the executive files this under some of his greatest accomplishments:

"At least I got to become a meme. I always wanted to be a meme. It was my dream to be a meme."

Feige was not aware that he had taken the meme mantle from Affleck's "Sad Affleck" meme, so when a question was directed to him about that topic, he seemed honored about continuing the legacy, calling it a "worthy title" to hold onto. Pascal, the inciter of the comments that led to the birth of the meme, also has taken notice of the online community's creativity. Almost guiltily, she admits to enjoying all of the fun that people are having with the reaction:

"My favorite thing is sad Kevin Spidey. Yeah, I know. You're famous."

All of the memes were in good fun, but based around a confusion that Feige and Pascal had to clarify, which is whether or not the films in the MCU featuring Spider-Man exist in the same universe as Tom Hardy's Venom and the Black Cat and Silver Sable standalones. Pascal again took the lead, this time to clarify her previous confusing comments:

"Here's what we're doing: all these characters are a part of the Marvel comic book universe. In that universe, they are all related to each other. Kevin [Feige] makes characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These characters are separate, except for Spidey, who belongs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is why he's there."

Feige adds that it's important to "never say never" regarding crossover, but this response seems to confirm these universes are separate entities for now. For those waiting for future confusing memes based on Feige reactions, it might be a little while before something throws him off like that initial interview did.

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Source: Comic Book

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