Japan's Spider-Man: Homecoming Poster Puts America's To Shame

Ahead of the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming in Japan, an amazing comic-book style poster for the film has been released.

Spider-Man Homecoming Japanese Poster

To celebrate the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming in Japan, a beautifully drawn poster for the film in the style of a comic illustration has surfaced online.

Spidey's solo debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe launched around the world at the beginning of July and has grossed over $650 million dollars worldwide. In the United States, the film is creeping towards a $300 million dollar gross, on track for a third place finish in Summer 2017 behind fellow superhero films Wonder Woman and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The film will continue to climb with still a few markets left to open in, most notably a launch in China in early September and Japan next weekend.

Monday is the premiere for Spider-Man: Homecoming in Japan, and the official Twitter account for the film's Japanese release has unveiled a stunning new poster to celebrate. The image captures the action from a literal birds-eye view, as Adrian Toomes/the Vulture and Spider-Man are tangled in battle high above the New York City skyline in a clash of alien technology and Peter Parker's web shooters. Observant viewers will also be able to spot Tony Stark/Iron Man blasting up to aid the teenager in his fight against the winged menace.


大のスパイダーマンファンで『アイシールド21』『ワンパンマン』の漫画家・村田雄介先生 @NEBU_KURO の原画イラストが到着? #スパイダーマン と宿敵 #バルチャー、飛び込む #アイアンマン の空中戦に目が釘付け❢?

— 映画『スパイダーマン』公式 (@SpidermanfilmJP) August 4, 2017

This image is a vast creative improvement on a decent amount of the main posters for Homecoming, especially the disastrous photoshop art of the primary North American one-sheet. More than any of the other examples, this poster resembles the kind of artwork that would be present on the front cover of a weekly comic for the web-slinger. The art is very animated and lively, particularly in the expressions on the masks of the hero and villain. It's a usage of style that pays reverence to the roots of the character, something that a lot of the other posters for the film have surprisingly shied away from.

That's not to say that all of the posters for Homecoming have been eye-sores. There's been a common unifying theme among the pieces to highlight the film's roots in the high school comedy genre, whether it's showing Spidey listening to headphones while lounging in his costume or plastering the major characters from the film together in an image resembling a notebook collage. It makes sense that the marketing has embraced this authentically teenage side of the film, as it's one of the aspects that make Homecoming unique among the dozens of superhero films on the market today. Still, this stunning Japanese poster reminds us where Spider-Man came from, and what Spider-Man: Homecoming owes its success to in the first place.

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Source: Spider-Man Japan

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