Spider-Man: Homecoming May Lay Groundwork For The Jackal

Jackal in Marvel Comics

A tie-in mobile app for this summer's Spider-Man: Homecoming seems to imply that the filmmakers could be planting the seeds for the Jackal to appear in a later installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character was first introduced as Miles Warren in 1965's The Amazing Spider-Man #31, where he was a professor of biology at Empire State University. His brother Raymond was a science teacher at Peter Parker's high school in the comics. Upon meeting Peter and his then-girlfriend Gwen Stacy, Miles developed romantic feelings for Gwen and became jealous of Peter. After Stacy was killed at the hands of the Green Goblin, Warren blamed Spider-Man for the tragedy and vowed revenge, adapting the alter-ego of the Jackal.

Like many of Spidey's rogues gallery, the Jackal has yet to be seen on the big screen. However, with star Tom Holland locked in for what looks to be a solo trilogy in his multi-picture contract, the possibilities for who he'll fight are endless. Right now, the filmmakers are staying away from villains that have already appeared on-film, making Homecoming Vulture's time to shine. It remains to be seen who Peter will go up against in the sequels, but the Jackal can now be considered an option.

The Marvel Studios Reddit page uncovered a screenshot taken from a Homecoming app that allows the user to look through Peter Parker's phone. Among the features is a text message exchange with his friend Ned, where the two teens are discussing Peter's not-so-stellar attendance record. Ned mentions a "Ms. Warren" who will no longer fall for the "Peter is home sick" excuse. The use of the surname Warren has some viewers believing Marvel/Sony is in the process of setting the stage for the Jackal to emerge at some point down the road. You can see the picture by clicking the link below:

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Convenience Store Heist - Pointing Finger

There are, of course, a couple of ways to interpret this. One is the Jackal is being teased, only the filmmakers are going to gender swap the character and have Spider-Man face a female villain. It's also possible that this mysterious Ms. Warren is a relative of Miles Warren - who could be introduced in a followup. This would be keeping somewhat in line with the source material, as Peter will be learning from one of Miles' siblings while attending school. It's worth pointing out that actress Selenis Leyva was cast as Ms. Warren in Homecoming, so this is a character viewers will hopefully get a chance to see her in a scene or two. Considering Leyva's part isn't cut, it will be interesting to watch her interactions with Peter and see what the dynamic is.

Granted, this could end up being nothing in the long run. After all, Warren is a fairly common last name, so this could be an original character made just for the film. Still, knowing how these projects are usually packed to the brim with Easter eggs and sly references for fans to unpack, there may be something more at play here. Marvel doesn't know all the particulars of what comes after Phase 3, but they've always been ones to plan ahead. And teasing sequel villains in the first film is nothing new for the comic book movie genre. Sam Raimi seemed to be doing it with Dr. Connors in the original Spider-Man trilogy.

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Source: Reddit

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