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Spider-Man Homecoming - Tony Stark and Peter Parker

Ever since Tom Holland made his debut as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, interest in seeing what the partnership between Marvel and Sony will bring has continued to rise. Marvel was ready to capitalize on the web-crawler's popularity by completely altering the Phase 3 slate upon the finalization of this deal. Holland had very little down time after promoting Civil War before he had to get back in costume and partake in a production that allowed for a large number of set photos to come out along the way.

Through it all, expectations for his solo film, Spider-Man: Homecoming, have grown as everyone waits to see how the fifth Spider-Man film overall is different. Having the character exist within the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a noticeable difference already, as evident by the recently released trailer teaser. Marvel and Sony have since debuted not only the first full length trailer, but have added an international trailer as well.

Following the official trailer premiering on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Marvel and Sony released a brand new international trailer that brings about even more new footage of the day in the life of student and superhero, Peter Parker.

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While much of the footage in the international trailer is recycled from the first trailer, there are a few new scenes that are included. That said, even the recycled footage is cut in a different order and, with the help of a new song, really set the tone for the international trailer. Before we get to the trailer itself, the thing that sets Homecoming apart from other Spider-Man films is its ability to use MCU related characters and references, and the marketing is making that quite obvious. One of the new lines from this trailer comes from an extended version of Tony and Peter in a car where Tony is sure to make it clear that despite his involvement in Civil War, Spidey is no Avenger.

One of the most notable differences of the international trailer is more screentime for Michael Keaton's Vulture. While he is shown multiple times in the first trailer, here he gets a chance to deliver more dialogue and appears to be commanding a squad of henchmen as well. Included in that group appears to be Bokeem Woodbine in the previously reported role of Shocker and former Spider-Man hopeful Donald Glover as well.

There are a few other and smaller new additions to the trailer as well, such as Liz Allan (Laura Harrier) falling down an elevator shaft as Spidey tries to save her. However, the majority of this trailer focuses on the conflict between Spider-Man and Vulture, and to a lesser degree Peter and Tony, but the emphasis on the villain is always a welcomed sight for Marvel films. They have repeatedly been criticized for their lack of great villains, but if Keaton can deliver a powerful and menacing performance in Homecoming, it could continue to help them turn that corner.

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