New Homecoming Images Include Spider-Man Vs. Shocker

The Shocker and Spider-Man

Tom Holland's Spider-Man and Logan Marshall-Green's Shocker battle it out in a new promotional image for Spider-Man: Homecoming. The upcoming film is the first project to come out of the Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Studios collaboration with the two companies working together in bringing this new iteration of the fan-favorite superhero to life. While Sony will keep all the profits for Homecoming, as well as its subsequent sequels, Marvel, on the other hand, will have creative license to use the character in a number of MCU films. Homecoming, first off, will tackle the events of  Peter Parker's life as he settles back to his normal life after his introduction to the bigger MCU in Captain America: Civil War.

Homecoming is currently raking in great reviews from critics - a lot of them cite its on-point tone and humor perfectly mixed with some pretty high stakes making up for a well-balanced narrative. Michael Keaton's main villain Vulture has also been dubbed as one of the more fleshed-out antagonists in the MCU thus far with his justified motivations. However the menacing Adrian Toomes is not the only bad guy Peter is set to face.

Just a few days left before Homecoming hits theaters, a slew of new promo stills for the film has been released online further exciting fans. Courtesy of EW as part of their cover story on the film, one of the new snaps features Spider-Man and Shocker going at it with the former using his bionic arm to throw Spidey off of his game.

After his storied history in the pages of the comic books and TV, the Shocker is finally set to debut on the big screen with Homecoming. In fact, there will be two iterations of the character in the film -  Bookeem Woodbine portrays the Herman Schultz version, while Masrshall-Green (the one in the aforementioned photo) takes on Jackson "Montana" Brice's iteration.

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Vulture and the two Shockers are just three of the confirmed Homecoming villains.  Michael Chernus plays Phineas Mason known as Tinkerer is also part of the film's villains club. And just before the movie's premiere, Michael Mando confirmed his secret role  in the flick to be MacDonald “Mac” Gargan's version of Scorpion. Despite this, it is safe to expect that Keaton will be the main bad guy of the film with the others either his cohorts or probably just a set-up for future Spider-Man standalones.

With Spider-Man: Homecoming tracking to be both critical and financial success (film is projected to nab $100 million in its opening weekend domestically), it is no surprise that Sony and Marvel are already laying the groundwork for its sequel set to start filming next year and due to roll out in 2019.

Source: EW

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