Spider-Man: Homecoming HISHE Video Written By Fans

How It Should Have Ended spoofs Spider-Man: Homecoming. The HISHE guys have been righting the wrongs of the MCU and DCEU films for some time now. The most recent films gently mocked and parodied by the animated web series have included Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Wonder Woman. Now the gang have set their web-shooters to aim for the latest big screen incarnation of Peter Parker as seen in the MCU hit Spider-Man: Homecoming.

HISHE started in 2005, and their very first target was The Matrix: Revolutions. Since then, the animated shorts have picked up a lot of love for their excellent vocal work and affectionate nit-picking, pointing out plot-holes and more appropriate decisions that could have been made by the characters in a movie. Most of their recent episodes have been scripted and inspired by ideas posted to them by the fans. This particular short was reportedly written from a choice of over 30,000 submissions that had been sent to HISHE.

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The full episode (which can be seen above) immediately points out that if the MCU's Damage Control group had been more diligent and used a checklist, then Adrian Toomes would never have become the Vulture in the first place. It continues with what might have happened if the Spider-suit's AI had deployed the kill-mode option, the fact that Peter really didn't need to climb the Washington Monument to save the hostages, and how he could have easily resolved that percentage problem at the Staten Island Ferry. Best of all though, are the three alternate ways that the in-car conversation between Peter and Toomes could have gone, including a hilarious cameo from one of Michael Keaton's previous roles.

As per usual it all ends in the Super-Café, with Batman and Superman berating Tony Stark, and highlighting the fact that it would have been a really bad choice for Peter to accept that role in the Avengers. The scene finishes with a guest appearance from a possible future star of the MCU, who might make Tom Holland feel a little paranoid. Stay until the end and you'll also find out the real reason why Aunt May didn't get to finish that F-bomb in the film.

It's all good fun as usual with some genuinely hilarious observations, and it's a lot less mean-spirited than most parodies online. It's certainly not going to cause any headaches or regret for Marvel Studios, given that the film is currently the biggest grossing superhero film of 2017 so far with $879m earned worldwide. It can also count luminaries like Kevin Smith and Frank Miller amongst its many fans. The video is another winning offering from HISHE, and one that makes you still appreciate and enjoy the movie, despite the cool alternative sequences shown here. We look forward to finding out what movie will be the follow-up to this neat parody of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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Source: How It Should Have Ended

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