Take a Selfie Video with Spider-Man Using the Holo App

Spider-Man: Homecoming just revealed its latest innovative cross-promotion through a new augmented reality app called Holo. The highly anticipated Spider-Man reboot hits theaters on July 7, and Sony has been relentless in its promotion of the solo debut for Tom Holland as the web-slinging superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie's marketing team has not been shy about trying unique avenues and technologies in order to generate buzz.

Sony recently had someone dressed as Spider-Man scare Starbucks customers in a new prank video. There is also a new virtual reality app that lets you pretend to be Spider-Man. Another new app called Holo has partnered with Sony in bringing Spider-Man to the world of augmented reality, and it may be a must-see for Spider-Man fans and those who enjoy taking video selfies.

A Facebook video posted by Holo last Friday shows a brief two-second clip in which a user gives two thumbs up to the camera, as a Spider-Man hologram does the same while "standing" next to her. Other unreleased videos by Holo depict Spider-Man invading a user's selfie on a bridge and a trio of users dancing around as a Spider-Man hologram poses in front of them and declares, "This is my chance to prove myself."

Holo's advanced augmented reality tech makes for some amusing and forward-thinking video selfies. In some respects, it takes the facial recognition tech seen in apps like Snapchat a step further, putting real people or characters into videos with you and potentially interacting with you. Holo could be especially intriguing to Spider-Man fans who own smartphones and want to be able to inject the superhero into their own world -- and could help contribute to the movie's expected $100 million opening.

While Holo's technology is no doubt entertaining and innovative, it may not yet be perfected. It's also unclear how many Spider-Man fans are also smartphone owners who are fans of taking video selfies in the first place. But Holo certainly counts as another creative piece of marketing for Spider-Man: Homecoming, which has dominated social media buzz in recent weeks -- and as far as augmented reality apps go, it's an exciting new product with big potential for selfie-takers and Spider-Man fans alike.

Holo is now available in the iTunes and Google Play App stores.

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