New Spider-Man: Homecoming Hasbro Toys Include Peter's Web-Wings

The marketing push for Spider-Man: Homecoming may not yet include a second trailer, but there is still plenty of Spider-Man to go around. Any movie based on the iconic web-slinging superhero will be one of the most anticipated movies in a given year, but this is the first installment to officially take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the legacy of great Marvel movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: Civil War to live up to, the pressure is on for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The marketing campaign for Homecoming has certainly extended far into the realm of official toys for the movie. Hasbro has been at the forefront of producing brand new toy lines based on the upcoming reboot. If the company has its way, their upcoming toy collection for Homecoming will fly off the shelves when it arrives in May ahead of the movie’s release.

Hasbro revealed a long line of new Spider-Man: Homecoming toys via IGN on Tuesday. The most prominently featured item in the slideshow is the 15-inch Spider-Man tech suit figure, complete with web wings for Spidey. That toy will run at $34.99 in retail stores. It features 40 phrases and sound effects and responds to how it is being held, as well as two modes: “Flight Mode” or “Battle Mode.”

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The toy line also includes “Eye FX” electronic 12-inch figures of both Spider-Man and Vulture. Each of them will also make noise, as Spider-Man will speak catchphrases while Vulture will feature sound effects. The toys will also feature light-up eyes. Like the 15-inch figure, the 12-inch Spider-Man also features web wings. Both figures are expected to cost $19.99, a far cry from the more expensive Peter Parker figure revealed recently.

Hasbro also revealed more life-size toys for young Spider-Man fans to enjoy. The $19.99 Spider Sight Mask (not pictured) features what IGN described as “emotive eyes” that “respond to chin movements.” The Flip-Up Hero Mask will cost $9.99 and feature a bottom half that can be flipped up like Spider-Man himself might do. There’s also a new $19.99 Rapid Reload Blaster, as well as a separate Web Gear collection of nerf darts and rubber disk projectiles for $9.99.

The new toys are another indication that Peter Parker’s web wings will play a pivotal role in the titular hero’s battles during Spider-Man: Homecoming. The trailer shows him leaping off the Washington Monument and fighting Vulture aboard a sinking cruise liner, so Spidey is clearly going to be in need of some added flight ability. It remains to be seen if the movie itself lives up to the standards set by the MCU, but the movie’s merchandise efforts are clearly sparing no expense.

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Source: IGN

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