Spider-Man: Homecoming costar Hannibal Buress hired a double to take his place at the movie’s world premiere last night in Los Angeles. Several members of the Homecoming cast and crew were in attendance at the event, with some of them making flashy entrances into the highly-publicized event.

Again, we should say most of the stars of the film were in attendance, at least. For some actors, world premieres are just merely another marketing event that they are required to attend, and not every performer is either comfortable with or excited by that idea. One of the stars of Homecoming found a humorous way to fulfill both his contractual obligations and skip out on the event.

As first noticed by Entertainment Weekly, comedian Hannibal Burress, who plays Coach Wilson in the upcoming superhero film, did not show up to the Homecoming premiere himself. Instead, he put out a casting call for an impostor earlier that day that he would pay $500 dollars to show up to an unnamed event tonight in his place:

It was clear that during the live stream of the world premiere, it was not actually the comedian who was answering questions about his role in Homecoming, but a well-dressed lookalike. That lookalike was a man by the name of Joe Carroll, who works as an author, screenwriter, director and actor in Los Angeles. Burress picked him out of the surely dozens of applicants to attend the premiere in his place, taking a limo to the event and even answering questions from the media for the comedian. Carroll posted on Instagram announcing his attendance of the event:

The logical next question to ask after finding out that Carroll attended the premiere in Buress’ place is to ask where Buress was during all of this celebration of Homecoming. The answer appears to not be too complicated, as he was just watching the premiere from another location, as he tweeted a screenshot of “him” promoting the film from the livestream.

Neither Sony Pictures or Marvel Studios had a comment on Buress’ stunt, which was certainly amusing but could’ve been seen as bad for business in some circles. Technically, Buress was represented at the premiere, though had he been asked a tougher question about the film, Carroll might’ve been thoroughly stumped and unsure what to answer. In some ways, Buress having someone else show up in his place is some kind of psuedo-commentary on the marketing-heavy nature of the premiere and the softball, no-lose questions that the actors are thrown at these events.

Buress’ tweet is actually incorrect in two ways; that is not him at the premiere, and Spider-Man: Homecoming opens everywhere on July 7th, not July 8th.

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Source: EW

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