Flash Thompson Revealed in Spider-Man: Homecoming Comic-Con Footage

What if someone else besides Spider-Man had been bitten by the radioactive spider

Expectations are undoubtedly high for the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, in 2017. After all, fans have been longing for Marvel to get its hands on Peter Parker's story for a long time, and Spider-Man actor Tom Holland's Marvel debut in Captain America: Civil War certainly fulfilled people's expectations, but what of his standalone movie? Well, though principle photography has only just begun on Homecoming, director Jon Watts still managed to assemble enough footage to show a sizzle reel at Marvel's Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

The overall reaction was positive, though there's not a lot to go on. The footage shows Peter during a typical school day including, amusingly, watching his own battle against Giant Man from Civil War, on his phone. Indeed, it was mentioned again during the panel that Homecoming will blend comic-book action with John Hughes comedy, so we can expect many more amusing moments to come. The footage also showed Zendaya and Angourie Rice in character, as well as revealing who's playing Flash Thompson.

Tony Revolori, best known for his turn as Zero in The Grand Budapest Hotel and his work on such films as Dope, had previously been confirmed as being on the Spider-Man: Homecoming cast list, but his role was unknown. From the Comic-Con footage shown yesterday, it's confirmed that he will be playing Flash, and will be a classmate of Peter's. In our first look at him, the teacher calls on Flash to answer a question while Peter is busy watching himself on YouTube.

Dope cast - Tony Revolori, Kiersey Clemons, Shameik Moore
Tony Revolori, Kiersey Clemons, and Shameik Moore in the film Dope

In the comics, Flash has always been white, though given Marvel's recent commitment to promoting diversity across all its platforms, it's hardly a surprise that they are trying to use a range of actors from differing ethnic backgrounds. Flash bullies Peter in the comics, yet he also admires Spider-Man, which could make for an interesting dynamic between the pair in the film, when Peter gets wise to this. Flash has appeared in previous cinematic adaptations, played by Joe Manganiello in Spider-Man and again in a silent cameo in Spider-Man 3. Chris Zylka played Flash in The Amazing Spider-Man. In all film versions, Flash antagonizes Peter deliberately, so it seems likely that we can expect more of the same.

One of the big differences between Spider-Man and other comic book characters, is that Peter Parker is so young. He really is just an ordinary kid dealing with also being a superhero, and it appears that Homecoming will delve right into that by giving Peter a wide group of friends. In turn, the high school setting, along with a young, diverse cast, will appeal to a fresh, young audience as well as established Marvel fans. It also gives rise to the possibility of some characters having their stories advanced in subsequent movies - for example, in the comics, Flash Thompson joins the army and becomes an alcoholic before losing both legs. He also becomes bound to the Venom Symbiote and becomes Agent Venom.

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