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The opening of Spider-Man: Homecoming is now online, allowing fans to relive Marvel's latest movie before it drops on home video. While much was made of Homecoming's box office debut and what it meant for the franchise, the past two months have shown the recent reboot has real legs. While LoganGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and Wonder Woman have all done exceedingly well, the global numbers have pushed Homecoming to the top spot for 2017 superhero films. Not only that, but the movie is currently the second highest-grossing in the Spider-Man franchise.

Given the success of Homecoming with critics and audiences, it's no wonder the writers of the movie are returning for the sequel. Scheduled for 2019, the film will pick up right after Avengers 4, ushering in the next Phase of the MCU. Thanks to its reliance on next year's big blockbuster and its follow-up, we likely won't learn anything concrete about the sequel for some time. Luckily, the upcoming home video release of Homecoming has provided plenty of ways for fans to relive this year's Spider-Man film offering.

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To celebrate the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming on digital, Sony Pictures has released the first 10 minutes of the movie online. Starting with the cold open, the film tracks the origin of the Vulture and his salvage empire before flashing back to Peter's trip to Berlin in Captain America: Civil War. You can watch the clip in full, above.

At exactly 10 minutes, the video cuts off, leaving fans in the middle of Peter heading to school. Despite its anti-climactic finish, this video allows fans to relive some of the best moments from Homecoming - while giving newcomers an idea of what the movie is like before buying it. It could even bring people back to the few theaters showing the movie in the States and drum up new business in China, where Homecoming is just getting started.

For those looking to go beyond a digital copy of the movie, the Blu-ray and DVD release of Homecoming is packed with bonus features. From making-of featurettes to deleted scenes, there's a lot to love for fans of the new and improved Spidey. Already, a few of the features have popped up online. Given Sony's willingness to drop a whole portion of the movie, there's a good chance a few more extras will arrive for free as the home video release approaches.

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Source: Sony Pictures

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