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Nearly five years have passed since Peter Parker last got his own standalone film, and the time has come for a new actor to don the mask. Tom Holland received positive reviews for his turn as the new version of Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War, and now it's his time to shine as a leading man with Spider-Man Homecoming. Once more, audiences will be going back to high school with the web-slinger, as Peter navigates classes, romances, and, of course, super-villains. The first trailer promised humor and action, as well as the continued team-up between Peter and his mentor, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.).

Sony released two final trailers today - one domestic and one international. The domestic trailer focuses on Peter, while the international trailer sheds more light on Michael Keaton's villainous Vulture. We've complied a list of eleven things from both trailers that made us cheer, teased the plot, or got us even more excited for Marvel's most anticipated non-Avengers film.

Recapping the Action

Just to remind audiences about Peter's first appearance in the MCU, the international trailer opens with Peter vlogging his fight scene from Captain America: Civil War. It's a clever way to not only establish Peter's youthful enthusiasm, but also to quickly recap what some audience members might have missed if they skipped Civil War. Even though a majority of the audience will have most likely seen the film, this is an easy and fun way to remind us what Peter was doing before the events of Homecoming, as well as establish why he has a connection to Tony. By framing it through a vlog, we get a new perspective - Peter's perspective - on the knock-down, drag-out airport brawl from Civil War, as well as the humor that will set Homecoming apart from the more serious MCU films.

Donald Glover: Friend or Foe?

Spider-Man and Donald Glover

So far, we have little to no idea who Donald Glover - once a fan-favorite choice to play either Peter or Miles Morales - is playing in Homecoming. The first domestic trailer made it seem as though he might be an antagonist, but this trailer makes it a little less certain. We see a brief, context-less conversation where he tells a masked Spider-Man that he needs to get better at a certain part of his job. What part of his job? That remains to be seen. Glover is an immensely talented actor and comedian, so without a doubt his part of the film will be delightful. However, audiences will probably have to wait until the film comes out to discover exactly who he's playing and where his allegiances lie.

The Vulture in Action

The international trailer gives us plenty of information about the latest Marvel villain, the Vulture a.k.a. Adrian Toomes. Previous trailers teased just how terrifying he is - his suit is the stuff of nightmares and he threatens to kill everyone Peter loves - but here we get a glimpse at his motivation. Turns out he's got a grudge against Tony and the "rich and powerful" who don't care about guys like him. He's on the hunt for Avengers's weapons. The trailers aren't specific about what he plans on doing with them, but it's definitely not good.

Chitauri Weapons

It's not only the Avengers who are getting their stuff stolen. The Vulture's crew is also taking weapons from alien invaders the Chitauri. We see one of their weapons in action as it destroys a bodega Peter was trying to protect. Another weapon is responsible for the ferry getting ripped in half. This is powerful stuff, and Peter's suit might need a few upgrades if he's going to take these guys on. Bringing the Chitauri back is a good way to tie Homecoming into the main series and to remind audiences of those original big bads before a possible return in Avengers: Infinity War.

Where's Aunt May?

Marisa Tomei Spider-Man Aunt May

One character who has yet to make a debut in any trailer so far is Aunt May (Marisa Tomei). Despite being an important part of Peter's life, her role in the film has been kept under wraps, though she does appear on the poster. Most likely, this is due to the fact that they've kept the focus on Peter's school and superhero life so far; May will most likely serve as Peter's emotional support at key emotional moments at home. It will be interesting to see what Tomei brings to the role; the Academy Award-winning actress will likely give May a humor and hear that previous incarnations have not had.

The Mysterious Michelle

Michelle (Zendaya) might be the most speculated-upon character in the entire film. Now that we know without a shadow of a doubt that she's not Mary Jane Watson, it remains to be seen whether she's Peter's friend or future flame. While the first trailer seemed to establish Liz Allan (Laura Harrier) as Peter's new love interest, this trailer shows that Peter and Michelle also have a rapport. Zendaya is also the only one of Peter's classmates to make the poster, implying her role will be the most significant. Whatever that role is, audiences will most likely have to wait until the film is released to find out. Still, expect her to be a great source of speculation until the film's release.

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