Spider-Man: Homecoming Gets a New Cover by Comics Icon Alan Davis

Empire Magazine debuts its subscribers-only Spider-Man: Homecoming cover, featuring a drawing illustrated by Alan Davis.

Tom Holland Spider-Man Homecoming

The latest Spider-Man: Homecoming magazine cover features black and white artwork drawn by a comics icon, no less. Now that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 has hit theaters, Marvel fans are enjoying breaking down Peter Quill's latest adventure... and looking forward to the MCU's second offering of 2017, in Homecoming. Spidey's first solo film (and his second appearance) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is due to hit screens this July, and its already projected to be a massive box office success.

At just under two months away from release, there's still a lot of marking for Homecoming to look forward to. Fans can expect more posters, TV spots, and sneak peeks in the run up to the film's release, as well as seeing more of the lovely Tom Holland as the Spider-Man star starts his press tour very soon. In addition, Empire has now announced a special Spider-Man cover for their magazine this month, featuring the web-slinger front and center.

The new cover art was revealed by Empire Online today, with the news that this is a special cover only available to current Empire subscribers (arriving in mailboxes 'any day now'). The cover features art by Alan Davis, with inking by Mark Farmer, and shows a black and white Spider-Man swinging over New York and shooting his web toward the reader. The only color on the cover is the Empire title, which is bright red.

Davis and Farmer are a long-standing team in the world of comics, having worked together on both Marvel and DC titles over the years. They are best known for their work on Marvel's Avengers, Fantastic Four, and Uncanny X-Men, and on DC's JLA and Green Lantern comics. The artwork calls to mind many classic Spider-Man covers from issues past, with Spidey's pose here a very common one for the character. Empire is clearly going for a comic book homage to one of Marvel's biggest characters, and it looks fantastic.

Empire doesn't reveal too much about what subscribers can expect from the magazine content, mentioning only "exclusive on-set coverage" from the film. The cover for the newsstand edition is also being kept under wraps for the time being, although it is likely that this cover will also feature some kind of Spider-Man: Homecoming promotion. This is going to be a great cover (and magazine edition) for Spider-Man fans, and the choice of cover art makes it clear that the upcoming film will be the big feature for this issue of Empire. Although non-subscribers are too late to get their own copy of this cover, anyone interested in the content will still be able to pick up the newsstand issue, starting May 18th.

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Source: Empire

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