Spider-Man: Homecoming Dominates Social Media Ahead of Release

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For the second week in a row, Spider-Man: Homecoming is dominating social media by generating plenty of buzz ahead of its release. With just two weeks to go before Homecoming releases, fans of all types are excited for the next iteration of Spider-Man. Considering the character has done well in each of his cinematic offerings in terms of ticket sales, the new movie is likely to earn big. Add in Iron Man and the Marvel Studios brand, and the movie could make a serious bid for the biggest of the year.

Adding more credence to the potential for the film's success is its performance online. Last week, Spider-Man: Homecoming topped social media chatter, generating thousands of new conversations. While some of this could have been negative press, it still meant the film was getting plenty of coverage amongst potential audience members. The past few days have also brought us the first reactions to the film, teasing a fun and exciting superhero romp featuring a charismatic Tom Holland. Now, thanks to the good press and the reveal of the sequel shooting next yearHomecoming is again on top.

Variety is reporting that for the second week in a row, Spider-Man: Homecoming has held down the top spot when it comes to social media buzz. The movie generated 113,000 new conversations, with next year's Avengers: Infinity War coming in second with 59,000.

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Given the imminent release of the film and the huge marketing push behind it, it's not too surprising to see the movie on everyone's mind. There's also been a lot of big news about the film and its future in the past few days.

Along with the announcement of the sequel plans, word is that Jon Watts will be back at the helm for the next movie. We've also seen a fun new IMAX poster and heard about the potential for more MCU characters in 2019's film. Even more interesting, but the sequel is said to lead Marvel's Phase 4 plans following the conclusion of the current story in Avengers 4.

Given Spider-Man's more relatable nature, it makes sense that he'll be leading the future of the overall franchise. Not only is he new to fighting crime and being with the Avengers, but he'll be just as gobsmacked by all the intergalactic battles and amassed heroes that we'll see in the final two Avengers films. With the movie right around the corner, expect Spider-Man: Homecoming to continue dominating social media in the weeks to come.

Source: Variety

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