Spider-Man: Homecoming - DJ Khaled Films Scene With Stan Lee

The usual Stan Lee cameo in Spider-Man: Homecoming might feature an appearance from DJ Khaled. From the moment that it was announced Marvel and Sony would be partnering up to bring Peter Parker/Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige and the creative execs at Marvel have been explicitly clear about what version of Spider-Man it is they wanted to capture onscreen. With a much bigger focus on Peter's everyday struggle of balancing being a normal teenager and a powerful superhero, this version of the character feels more at home in the coming-of-age genre than any of the previous incarnations. It's not hard then, to see why John Hughes has emerged as such a huge influence for this take on the character, especially in this year's Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Sony hasn't been afraid of capitalizing on the character's place in the MCU either, with the inclusion of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man in Homecoming, and the near-constant references to The Avengers in all of the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailers released up until this point. And with the new film adopting a similar tone and style of the other Marvel outings, that means there will probably be a few expected and unexpected cameo appearances popping up throughout it.

It looks like fans can file this one under the "unexpected" category, as DJ Khaled has revealed on his Snapchat account recently (H/T MCU News & Tweets), that he filmed a scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming with both Stan Lee and Tom Holland. Take a look at the image for yourself down below:

.@djkhaled, @TheRealStanLee, and @TomHolland1996 filmed an MCU-related scene together yesterday!

— MCU News & Tweets (@MCU_Tweets) April 27, 2017

For those wondering, the cameo looks like it was nothing more than a pick-up shot for the film, which wrapped principal photography back in several months ago in New York City. While no details regarding the scene or its placement in the film were revealed, other than the musician's involvement in it, a later photo from Khaled's Snapchat did make it look like the scene took place possibly in a convenience store.

That, in addition to some previous Spider-Man: Homecoming set photos from last year, make it look like fans are in for some legitimately zany comedic scenes taking place on random streets throughout the city, like some of the funnier moments from the Spider-Man comic books. For longtime fans, who have been waiting their entire lives to see a Spider-Man film that fully embraces the coming-of-age and relatable aspects of the character, Spider-Man: Homecoming is shaping up to be just that and more for them. All this means is that DJ Khaled fans may be in for a surprise during the film as well.

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Source: Twitter

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