Spider-Man: Homecoming Promo Images - Spidey Leaps Off the Screen [Updated]

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Spider-Man: Homecoming has a good chance to breathe new life into the iconic franchise when it hits theaters in July. The movie’s use of a younger Peter Parker, and its connection to the larger narrative in the mostly-excellent Marvel Cinematic Universe, bode well for its prospects to deliver a fresh mix of high-flying action and uncommonly deep characters and themes. Marvel Studios is so confident in Homecoming that they’ve already announced a sequel for 2019.

Promotion for Homecoming has only begun, with the trailers providing most of the first look at the movie and Tom Holland as the titular hero. One of the first promotional images for the movie has surfaced online, and it’s a cross-promotion with Dell to promote one of its newest products. But even the most cynical Spider-Man fan would be excited to see the superhero leap off the screen. In this case, he literally does just that.

As reported on Coming Soon, Dell released an image to promote its new Inspiron laptop that featured Spider-Man jumping out of the monitor. The laptop in question is reportedly part of the 7000 series of Inspiron laptops, which are ideal for gaming. However, the upcoming Spider-Man video game being released by Sony and Insomniac games will be a Playstation 4 exclusive and won’t be available for PC gamers.

Spider-Man: Homecoming - Dell promo image

The photo is nonetheless a fresh look at Spider-Man after the trailers left more to be desired in terms of action. There are brief glimpses in the trailer at Spidey flying through the city, leaping off the Washington Monument, and battling the Vulture aboard a cruise ship in distress, but this is one of the first looks at Spidey that is not a mere screenshot.

This subtle cross-promotion between Homecoming and Dell is the first of what could be many references to the movie to roll out in other forms of media in the coming months. However much Dell will promote Homecoming in future materials, this first image is a strong, clear look at how Holland will appear as Spidey in the movie and the subtle differences between his new Spidey costume and recent past incarnations of Spider-Man.

This photo isn’t likely to change your mind either way as far as how you feel about Spider-Man being rebooted yet again so soon. That is, unless you’re not a fan of cross-promotion and marketing between two different companies, as Dell and Marvel have done here. You can expect to see some Inspiron laptops sprinkled randomly throughout Spider-Man: Homecoming. But hopefully, like most of the MCU to date, the movie itself transcends any kind of product placement that may occur.

UPDATE: Here's another promotional image for Spider-Man: Homecoming from Dell!

Spider-Man: Homecoming - Dell image

Source: Dell

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