Deadpool Crashes Spider-Man: Homecoming in Fan Poster

Tom Holland as Spider-Man and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Deadpool is generating plenty of buzz these days, even though the highly anticipated Deadpool 2 isn't due out until 2018. Ryan Reynold's foul-mouthed vigilante recently popped up in a surprise teaser attached to Logan, and next year's sequel continues to draw attention surrounding the casting of the role of Cable. The summer of 2017, meanwhile, brings more releases from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Tom Holland's first starring vehicle in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Spidey just soared back into the headlines with a slew of new promotional posters for Homecoming, depicting the web-slinging star hanging from a highway sign and clinging to the side of a building. Another poster features a more peaceful Spider-Man relaxing on a bench by a river. While Homecoming exists in a different cinematic universe than Deadpool does, the latter can still make appearances in custom fan-made posters - and one well-known Deadpool fan has done just that.

A new fan creation for Spider-Man: Homecoming lampoons the film's latest promotional poster, as Deadpool invades the MCU and ruins Spider-Man's peace and quiet. Deadpool gives a thumbs-up in the poster, appearing to flip Spider-Man into the nearby river. The poster was shared to the Twitter page of artist BossLogic, who has released tons of original Marvel-inspired artwork online, particularly for Deadpool 2 in recent weeks. "Deadpool 2 is also coming!" the poster reads.

This is my house :D @TomHolland1996 x @vancityreynolds @deadpoolmovie @SpiderManMovie

— BossLogic (@Bosslogic) March 25, 2017

The poster is somewhat of a departure from BossLogic's recent output. He most recently released concept art for Michael Shannon as Cable for Deadpool 2, and has also posted artwork of Zazie Beetz as Domino. The prolific artist has recently done considerably more concept art for Deadpool than Spider-Man, but notably imagined Donald Glover in the role of Ultimate Spider-Man hero Miles Morales.

As far as BossLogic is concerned, not even the MCU's Spider-Man is safe from Deadpool's antics. If the two superheroes' respective cinematic universes were to clash, this could be how Deadpool would introduce himself. Spider-Man and Deadpool may technically exist in two separate worlds on the big screen, but they make sense as a duo in fan-made artwork as two of Marvel's most similarly irreverent personalities - and they would certainly make a fun pair in an actual film together.

Fan-made posters like this could also create more desire to make a Spider-Man/Deadpool crossover a reality. Unfortunately for fans of both franchises, Ryan Reynolds' incarnation of Deadpool won't be a part of the MCU equation and studios, apparently, aren't yet ready to put Spider-Man and Deadpool in the same film. But that doesn't mean a crossover won't eventually happen, even with Reynolds as Deadpool - and if Spider-Man: Homecoming is successful enough, it could only be a matter of time.

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Source: BossLogic

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