Spider-Man: Homecoming - Daily Bugle’s Inclusion Reportedly Confirmed

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Spider-Man: Homecoming will feature fictional newspaper the Daily Bugle within its corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After years of waiting, Spider-Man is officially part of the MCU and is already reaping the benefits. He got to make his debut alongside 11 other superheroes in Captain America: Civil War, and will see Tony Stark making an appearance in his solo film. While Spider-Man: Homecoming is doing possibly everything it can to make it clear it exists within the MCU and all the history and characters that come with it, Spider-Man also belongs to a vast world of his own.

Audiences are already very aware of Spider-Man's world and origin, and while Sony and Marvel have all but skipped over the latter, the incorporation of his world is vital. This has been established already with Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) appearing in Civil War, but a number of other comic characters are set to debut in Homecoming, and apparently so will his favorite newspaper.

This information comes courtesy of Tom Holland Source on Twitter (via MCU Exchange) where they were able to capture screen grabs of new footage that was reportedly shown at an event in Tokyo. Included in the new footage was the following shot of the front page for the Daily Bugle, featuring a section dedicated the attack in Washington D.C.


— Tom Holland Source (@tomhsource) April 11, 2017

This is the first time that any reference to the Bugle has been confirmed to appear in Homecoming. While it does not appear that Peter will be working for the paper just yet, it is smart to establish it early on if/when they decide to take Peter down that road. With there being no sign of J. Jonah Jameson in the movie and the studios purposefully steering clear of previously used characters like Green Goblin, it could be sometime before someone fills the shoes of J.K. Simmons.

Thanks to the reference to the attack in Washington, it becomes a bit more clear when this reference will be made. While it is unclear when this attack happens in correlation to the film's plot, it must come before the ferry attack as that is the catalyst for Stark taking back the new and improved Spidey suit.

Even though the presence of the Bugle has not been confirmed just yet by Marvel or Sony, the inclusion of the photo makes it all but definitive. This Twitter account also posted other photos from the new footage, one that does include a blurry look at Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson. However, another piece of information they revealed is not as concrete. This account tweeted that the footage confirmed Angourie Rice is playing Gwen Stacy, but did not have any quotes or photos to back this up. She has previously been believed to be playing Betty Brant, so if that is not the case, Homecoming could possibly introduce both Gwen and MJ - if Zendaya is playing the latter as previously reported.

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Source: Twitter [via MCU Exchange]

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