Spider-Man: Homecoming Video Details Peter's Costume Tech

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From the moment that Sony and Marvel made their deal to share the Spider-Man character in their films, the latter studio was promising a version of the character unlike any that fans had seen onscreen before. Younger than he's been in any of the previous films, with even more humorous and neurotic tics than his predecessors, Tom Holland's Peter Parker/Spider-Man more than lived up that promise when he was introduced briefly in Captain America: Civil War last year.

Marvel's changes to the character onscreen haven't just been in the writing or Holland's performance either, as they've designed a much more expressive and entirely new version of the Spider-Man suit for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Giving the character expressive, changing eyes and created by Tony Stark himself in Civil War, it seems like a trend that's only going to continue in this year's highly-anticipated, Spider-Man: Homecoming as well.

Now, Marvel has already revealed that the new film's version of the suit will include the character's iconic, original web wings, but a new promotional video for the film - shared by Holland on his Instagram page - really gets into all of even the tiny upgrades fan can expect to see from Peter's suit in Homecoming. Take a look for yourself below:


The most important upgrade out of #CES2017. #spidermanhomecoming

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In addition to the web wings and expressive eyes, the short video also points out Peter's upgraded web shooter, including its "selectable web types" and laser targeting system, which not only explains how he's always able to hit his targets with his webs but also teases the possibility of getting to see some interesting uses for the webs themselves than just the usual, traditional attacks. The video also briefly teases the suit's GPS tracking sister on Peter's forearm, which comes with a holographic wrist display, something that has also been shown and teased before in previous films and footage.

Obviously, the suit is only one of the many exciting twists on the traditional Spider-Man lore that fans can expect to see in the new film, and it's clear that both Marvel and Sony are interested in pushing the film as being unlike any other live-action Spider-Man film to date. With its unique, John Hughes-esque high school setting and a group of villains that have all been unfortunately overlooked in the previously released Spider-Man, it's certainly got all the makings of feeling just as fresh and fun as when he showed up in Civil War last year, which is saying something considering this will be the third standalone Spider-Man film in the past five years when it's released.

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