Spider-Man Battles 'The Avengers' In Homecoming Concept Art

Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Spider-Man Homecoming

Some colorful concept art for the MCU's upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming has made its way online. This time, we see our junior hero pitted against his own kind in artwork that shows Peter Parker battling the fake Avengers in the dramatic bank heist scene.

Giving our wall-crawling superhero a modern makeover and a decidedly younger portrayal, 21-year-old Tom Holland reprises his role from Captain America: Civil War to bring us the latest Spider-Man movie. We have recently seen some impressive artwork that shows off Spider-Man's expressive new mask, but now we can see the rest of his suit in action, as well as artwork our titular hero facing off against some tough (and not so tough) villains in Jon Watts' film.

Comic Book Movie has showcased the concept art, which is high on the action and suspense ahead of the film's release in theaters. We may have seen Tom Holland's teenage hero go against some of the real Avengers in last year's Civil War, so these impostors are no match for Your Friendly Neighborhood. The scene in question comes straight from one issue of The Ultimate Spider-Man comic series, where our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man takes down a band of robbers disguised as Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Given the look of the concept art, it certainly seems that this will be a one-sided fight for Spidey vs. the hapless thieves. You can see the images in the gallery below:

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Someone who seems to be giving Peter Parker a bit more of a hard time is Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes, aka Vulture. As the evil version of Tony Stark, Peter will need all the help he can get from his inventor mentor to take down Vulture and his Avenger-inspired scrapheap suit. The concept art shows Vulture in full villain mode, including a brooding shot of him looming with those giant wings and an action shot of an explosive traffic jam.

It isn't all doom and gloom though. Elsewhere, we get a closer look at the Spidey suit 2.0, which has undergone an Apple-esque makeover. As well as Peter having his very own App Store on his wrist, we also see a drawing of the suit's system diagnostics. Presumably acting as a high-tech warning system, is this Homecoming's 21st Century update of the classic Spidey-Sense?

While the trailers have made light of the relationship between Parker and Stark, it is clear that the father-son dynamic of the duo will be the focus of Holland's first solo entry into the MCU. Taking on some masked Avenger wannabees may be child's play for our young hero, but the art emphasizes that he will need all the technology he can get from Stark Industries to take down Vulture. How Keaton's flying foe fits into the rest of the MCU and Spider-Man's rogues' gallery remains to be seen, but expect him to be harder to tackle than goons in masks and find out more when Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters next month.

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Source: Comic Book Movie

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