Vulture is Ready for a Change in Spider-Man: Homecoming Clip

The world is changing for Adrian Toomes /The Vulture (Michael Keaton) in a new clip from Spider-Man: Homecoming. With the release of Marvel Studios' Spider-Man solo film about six weeks out, fans are being treated more frequently than ever to new footage and images from the MCU adventure. This week, the final Homing trailer was released, featuring even more footage of the Vulture in and out of his super-suit, noting to his henchmen that "the world's changing."

While plenty of footage has been dedicated to Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Tom Holland), it's doubt exciting to see more of the Vulture. Following director Sam Raimi's original Spider-Man trilogy and helmer Marc Webb's reboot with The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel, its refreshing to see a different villain from the Spidey canon come to the fore.

Fans are getting more context for Adrian's "the world's changing" line now, thanks to a clip that features the Vulture and his crew (shown on Ellen, earlier this week). The footage features a NY 1 TV news report from the government's "Department of Damage Control", where the agency urges viewers who have "alien and exotic materials" not collected in the aftermath of The Battle of New York, to hand it over asap. And there's a lot of, the broadcast says, noting there is 15 tons of it "scattered throughout the Tri-State area." With his crew members questioning whether they should turn in the scraps they have, Vulture replies, "Let's keep it ... the world's changing. It's time to change, too."

With director Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns to his credit, Keaton is naturally an exciting addition to Spider-Man: Homecoming, and the fact that he is playing a villain like Vulture is a great bonus. If his serious turn as Bruce Wayne/Batman in Burton's films weren't enough to convince fans he was the right choice for the role, they don't have to look to far back at his other work to see the complexities he brought to the brilliantly-crafted Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), which of course, starred Keaton in the role of a faux ex-movie superhero.

The new Spider-Man Homecoming clip of Keaton, minus Vulture's outfit, is exciting because it's the first extended piece of footage we've seen of the actor as Toomes. Brooding and charismatic, Keaton will no doubt bring a lot of weight to Spider-Man: Homecoming, providing some edge to counterbalance the lighter fare that's been shown in footage (due in most part to Holland's effervescent youthfulness) so far. It's yet to be seen whether Keaton's comparison of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Batman holds up, but for now, fans are at least getting a peak into his portrayal of the Vulture - and he means business.

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Source: Ellen

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