Spider-Man: Homecoming Almost Had Civil War Comics Twist

WARNING: This post contains SPOILERS for Spider-Man: Homecoming


Spider-Man: Homecoming writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein reveal that the film almost ended with a nod to one of the most iconic panels in Marvel's Civil War comic. Readers of Mark Millar's famous run know that the title included a moment where Peter Parker announced to the world he was Spider-Man as part of his decision to support the Superhero Registration Act, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken things in a different direction. In the Civil War film, Peter is an impressionable high schooler, keeping his identity a secret from the general population as he fights crime on the streets of New York. Only a handful of people, including Tony Stark, know the truth, and it looks like things will stay that way for a while.

Many fans know by now that Homecoming concludes with Aunt May discovering who her nephew really is in humorous fashion (opening the door for several intriguing possibilities), but Peter had a chance for a much wider exposure. After defeating the Vulture, Tony offers Parker a spot on the Avengers team, complete with the Iron Spider suit. Ultimately deciding he still has much to learn about being a hero, Peter politely refuses, a decision that impressed Tony and Happy Hogan. As it turns out, if Peter had gone through with Stark's plan and participated in the press conference, he may have had a scene that mirrored the final shot of the original Iron Man.

In an interview with Yahoo! Movies, Daley and Goldstein mentioned that they toyed with the idea of Peter revealing himself to the world, before opting for the finale that was in the final movie:

Goldstein: “That scene with the press behind the door, that started off as a more clear opportunity for Peter to say to the world, “I, Peter Parker, am Spider-Man.' And he decides not to do it and walks away. It’s still that, but it had been set up that if he could just tell the world who he is, he would get all his problems solved and be loved by everyone.

Daley: "What he realizes is that there is a virtue in being a secret identity and how he kind of has the advantage in many ways over his other superhero buddies.”

The MCU has largely scrapped the old concept of secret identities, as many of Earth's Mightiest are public figures and well-known. This is a nice aspect of the franchise, allowing filmmakers more freedom so they don't have to constantly tiptoe around the subject. Still, it makes sense for someone like Peter to buck the trend and keep his face hidden. The last thing he wants is for his enemies to target Aunt May or another person close to him, and it arguably fits Peter's character. Making a public show of it by boasting on a nationally televised broadcast is the essence of Tony Stark, but Parker is far more mild-mannered and humble.

It's fascinating that the filmmakers considered this for Homecoming, however, meaning it could be a storyline revisited in a later film. It doesn't seem like it will be a plot point in any of the character's most immediate next appearances, such as Avengers: Infinity War or the untitled Homecoming sequel, but it could come into play down the line when Tom Holland has grown into the role and is playing a more mature Peter Parker. Right now, it's fun to see him as an exuberant youth having a blast playing with his super-powers. There's no need for things to take this turn in a rush.

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Source: Yahoo! Movies

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