Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Chinese Poster Takes A Darker Approach

Vulture Taunts Peter Parker in Spider-Man Homecoming

A new Chinese poster for Spider-Man: Homecoming has now been released and it takes a much darker approach than ones before. Sony and Marvel Studios' partnership is already off to a great start in such a short amount of time. After years of fans hoping for Spider-Man to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the two studios decided to do what was best for Spider-Man and make it happen. Tom Holland nabbed the coveted role and made his debut as the web-slinger in Captain America: Civil War, but this summer brought about his own solo film.

Homecoming hit theaters domestically at the start of July and has already run its course in most markets. It just opened in Japan a few weeks ago, and is now approaching its final market: China. Ahead of the film premiering in one of the world's largest markets, a new poster has been released specifically for them.

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Sony debuted what should be the final poster for the film, with this one taking a much darker approach. Following posters that played up the high school vibe of the film, this poster highlights the difficult times that Spider-Man will have in Homecoming. Surprisingly, there is no sight of Iron Man in the poster, but with it being created using inspiration from a key sequence in the film, it is in that way movie accurate.

As it currently stands, Homecoming has grossed $738.5 million worldwide and should have the ability to add on a significant amount more from China. For example, Holland's only other appearance as Spidey in Civil War gained an additional $180M from China. Homecoming will likely not be that big of a hit, but fellow Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 did gross just over $100M in the market earlier in the year. MCU films have always performed well in China, so it is fair to assume Homecoming will follow suit.

All in all, Homecoming should have no problem crossing $800M worldwide when everything is said and done, making it so both of the 2017 MCU films released so far have crossed that milestone. The continued success should not only bode well for the continued lineup that Marvel has planned, but also for the Untitled Spider-Man Sequel that is coming in 2019. That said, there is plenty of time to get ready for future films, so hopefully Homecoming performs well in China. This poster is not likely to drastically change the final box office results either positively or negatively, but it is a good addition to what Sony has released already.

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Source: Sony

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