Spider-Man: Homecoming May Outgross Previous Spider-Man Films in China

Spider-Man: Homecoming has opened big in China and may soon outgross all other Spider-Mans films in the country. As Marvel Studios prepares for the release of this fall's Thor: Raganarok, Homecoming is getting a second wind at the box office. Thanks to the fun and youthful approach that brought Spidey back to his roots (and into the MCU), Homecoming is one of only four films this year to break $300 million at what's been a record-low summer box office. As of now, it's all set to beat Spider-Man 2 at the U.S. box office - and the earnings won't stop there.

As Spider-Man: Homecoming winds down at the domestic box office, it's still playing at a number of international theaters. Following a two-month delay, the movie has now debuted in China and, as part of the push for a big opening in the Middle Kingdom, Marvel rolled out a dark, new Homecoming poster. Now, it looks as if the late debut will add a good deal more to Homecoming's box office before it finally bows out of theaters.

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THR is reporting that Spider-Man: Homecoming pulled in $23 million at the Chinese box office on its first day, including almost $1 million from previews on Thursday night. At this point, the movie is expected to land $60M in its opening weekend, putting it above the entire Chinese box office totals for every previous Spider-Man movie except for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Considering the reception Homecoming has had, the increased faith in the Marvel name and the growing Chinese box office, it's not surprsing that the film is set for such a strong opening. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 earned a total of $94.4M in China three years ago, so it's not hard to picture Homecoming ending up as the highest-grossing Spider-Man film of all time in the country, by the end of its run.

Along with what's sure to be a profitable run in China, Spider-Man: Homecoming is gearing up for its home video release next month. While the digital version of the film will arrive at the end of the month, the Blu-ray/DVD releases will feature all sorts of bonus features, including featurettes, deleted scenes, and photo galleries. Add in all the merchandising from the film, and Marvel, Disney, and Sony will all have benefitted greatly away from Homecoming.

Thanks to Homecoming's success and Spidey's appearance in the next two Avengers films, there's a strong chance Homecoming 2 will have an even bigger run when it arrives in 2019. On top of that, Sony are hoping their various spinoff films will benefit from Homecoming as they introduce VenomSilver & Black, and more to moviegoers. For now, however, Spider-Man: Homecoming is holding its own.

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Source: THR

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