Spider-Man: 'So Many More' Captain America PSAs Didn’t Make the Cut

Captain America's Fitness Challenge in Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming director Jon Watts reveals they filmed more Captain America PSAs with Chris Evans that didn't make the cut. It's been more than two years since Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures announced Spider-Man would join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That came to pass last summer in Captain America: Civil War when Tom Holland debuted as Peter Parker in a small, but memorable role. Next, the teenaged webslinger will star in his first solo feature when Watts' Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters in a little less than two weeks.

However, Peter Parker won't be the only MCU hero to appear in Homecoming, Tony Stark aka Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) will be a mentor to the young superhero - and he'll be joined in the film by Stark Industries' Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau). Plus, as it's been teased in the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailers and TV spots, Chris Evans will appear as Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, in PSAs the help to ground the film's high school setting in the MCU. But, there are even more of the Captain America PSAs than appear in the final cut of the movie - but don't worry, they'll be available with the film's home release.

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During the Spider-Man press junket this weekend, Screen Rant sat down with Watts to discuss the inclusion of Avengers characters in Homecoming, particularly those Captain America cameos. In terms of where the idea for those videos came from, Watts says he was inspired by the President's Fitness Challenge. Plus, Watts reveals there are many more of the PSAs than those included in the movie:

When I was thinking of what would a Marvel universe high school look like, I was like, their version would be the Captain America fitness challenge. So it started with that, then we just started joking around about like, what if he did more videos? As soon as that door opened  up, I just couldn’t stop brainstorming more and more things. Then I made a very - I think you see it for like a split second in the movie, but we made a whole detailed DVD case of like, ‘Rappin’ with Cap’ or ‘Rappin’ With the Captain’ and it was just messages from Captain America to the youth of today as if somehow the government had Captain America make all these PSAs for kids. And we shot so many more than are even in the movie. [They’ll be] on the Blu-ray.

Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds in Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming isn't the first time Evans appeared in an MCU movie outside his Captain America series and The Avengers team-up films. He made a short cameo in Thor: Ragnarok when Loki (Tom Hiddleston) transforms into the Star-Spangled Man to irritate Thor (Chris Hemsworth). Now, Watts reveals Evans was enthusiastic about the Homecoming cameos, and teases one such PSA that was filmed:

There’s so many about just everything, [like] brushing your teeth. Just anything you could think of, we had poor Captain America do it. Those were so much fun, just making them in the moment, [and] really trying some stuff out. Chris [Evans] was so game, it was really fun.

Of course, the Captain America cameos in Spider-Man: Homecoming are just one aspect of the upcoming Marvel movie, but do help to showcase how different Holland and Watts' take on Peter Parker will be compared to past iterations - since this Peter Parker exists in a world with the Avengers. Still, early reactions to Spider-Man: Homecoming tease a fun new entry in the MCU, indicating Sony and Marvel's partnership will be a success for both studios. And, with so little time left until Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters, fans will soon get to see the film - and Evans' Cap cameos - for themselves.

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