Spider-Man: Homecoming Blu-ray Includes Extra Captain America PSAs

Captain America's Fitness Challenge in Spider-Man Homecoming

Get ready for more life lessons (read: PSAs) from Captain American on DVD and Blu-ray. While Iron Man/Tony Stark's participation in the story of Spider-Man: Homecoming was both heavily publicized in advance and crucial to the film working as well as it does, as anyone who's seen it can attest, Tony isn't the only Avenger to put in a memorable performance in the film. Homecoming is arguably the funniest MCU movie to date, and a few of its biggest laughs come courtesy of Steve "Captain America" Rogers.

Post-Civil War, Cap obviously can't just show up in person at the moment, but is instead seen via a series of teen-targeted PSAs that are shown to Peter and the other students at his high school. Featuring a star-spangled Cap extolling the virtues of fitness, scolding those in detention, and awkwardly discussing puberty, the PSAs recall a time when Steve was on much friendlier terms with his government.

During an interview with Collider, Homecoming director Jon Watts revealed that many more Captain America PSAs were shot than actually made it into the finished film, and fans will thankfully get to see at least most of those unused clips on Homecoming's Blu-ray release. Here's Watts' full quote on the matter.

“We put it together like it was the actual DVD that they show at the school, so it just is clicking from one to another to another. I just wrote pages of them ’cause I had Chris Evans for however amount of time, so I just feed him … I think we had a teleprompter actually, so he was just … It was like Captain America just showed up and had to do this stuff for the government… He’s just reading it off the scrolling thing and being like, ‘Are you sure you want me to say this?'”

Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War

Watts says that at least 10 additional Cap PSAs will be included on the Homecoming Blu-ray, and that there will likely be a Play All feature available so that fans can just kick back and enjoy Cap's deadpan comedic gifts from beginning to end.

One thing Watts didn't reveal is exactly what subjects Cap tackles in the additional PSAs. In the Marvel universe, it wouldn't be too surprising to see him do a "duck and cover" style piece about what students should do during an unexpected alien invasion, or attempt to talk worried teens through the sudden onset of mutant abilities. Even if the subjects are mostly mundane though, Chris Evans will probably make it funny.

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Source: Collider

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