Spider-Man: Homecoming Arcade Game Exclusive to Dave & Buster's

New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Gifs

Spider-Man: Homecoming is now the focus of a new arcade game at Dave & Buster's. Spidey is popping up more and more as Homecoming's July 7 release date rapidly approaches. New TV spots have featured Captain America and debuted during the NBA Finals. It's clear that Sony and Marvel Studios are making a big push to ensure Spider-Man's starring debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a successful one.

Spider-Man and the highly anticipated Homecoming have been the subject of all kinds of promotion, certainly on the merchandising side. The new Hot Toys deluxe Spider-Man figure was just unveiled. On the gaming side, a new Spider-Man console video game is slated for 2018, though it isn't related to Homecoming at all. But now, the popular North American restaurant/entertainment chain Dave & Buster's has unveiled a new arcade game based on the upcoming movie to help promote it ahead of its premiere.

Dave & Buster's released a video revealing the new Spider-Man: Homecoming game. You can watch the video above. The 30-second clip shows a brief glimpse of the game, available exclusively at Dave & Buster's locations, and announces new promotions tied to it. There's not much gameplay footage in the video, but it does show Spider-Man slinging through the city collecting some kind of tokens as he flies through the air. The video urges you to "Test your Spidey senses."

New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Gifs

It can also be seen that you could "Beat Vulture to Win 1,000 Tickets." Dave & Buster's operates like a traditional arcade in that it awards tickets for beating games, and 1,000 tickets would be quite the prize for beating the Spider-Man: Homecoming game. The video also says new players of the Homecoming game can play three other new Dave & Buster's games for free as part of the experience.

Dave & Buster's is known for featuring original, cutting-edge arcade games and its modern, high-tech take on the traditional arcade concept. The Spider-Man: Homecoming game will likely be no exception. Fans, especially younger audiences, can get themselves excited for the movie by playing the game before it even comes out. It adds up to a clever piece of marketing and cross-promotion by both Sony and D&B.

Of course, this new game is no guarantee of success for the movie itself. It's unclear how much an arcade game that's only available at Dave & Buster's would really move the needle for Sony and Marvel. But Spider-Man: Homecoming certainly has a chance to be a smash hit regardless, and the new arcade game is a fresh way to get fans excited.

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Source: Dave & Buster's

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