Spider-Man: Homecoming Gets an 8-Bit Trailer

JoBlo 8-bit Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer with Spidey and the Avengers Bank Robbers

Now that 2017 is here, we're just six months away from the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Tom Holland's debut as the third live-action webslinger was one of many scene-stealing moments from Captain America: Civil War last year. As if that spotlight wasn't enough, Robert Downey, Jr.'s Iron Man will be popping up in the new Spidey solo film to help the young hero out — and reassure audiences that this film takes place firmly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though some fans are still worried about how much Sony will be involved in the new movie, the influence of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, and Tony Stark have added to the buzz around Holland's performance in Civil War and left genre fans eagerly anticipating the blockbuster.

Last month, we finally got to see Spidey and Tony team up thanks to the release of the film's first trailer. Though another trailer is likely right around the corner that will give us more of an idea about the plot of the new film, the first one told us quite a bit. We got an idea of the tone of the movie, mixing in Spidey's signature humor with plenty of high school shenanigans. We also got some teases of how the teen superhero will fit into the mix of older Avengers. If you're like us, you've probably watched the trailer a hundred times over and are still anxious for more. If you just can't wait for the new trailer, we've got the next best thing.

JoBlo have released their 8-bit version of the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer. It joins their previous 8-bit remake of the Justice League trailer, and follows Cinefix's own Marvel 8-bit trailer for Doctor Strange. Not only does it recreate all the action and dialogue from the trailer in glorious 8-bit animation (plus a chiptune rendition of MGMT's track), but it packs in a lot of bonus Easter eggs for eagle-eyed fans.

JoBlo 8-bit Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer with Spidey and the Avengers Bank Robbers

There's a shot of a janitor who looks suspiciously like Stan Lee, likely a nod to his character on Ultimate Spider-Man. You can also catch a photo of Lee alongside one of former-Spider-Man Andrew Garfield (and possibly one of Tobey Maguire, though it's hard to make out). And much like the Arrowverse shows are packed full of the number "52" in reference to the comic of the same name and the New 52, the 8-bit trailer has at least one appearance of 616, the universe in the comics that the main Marvel action occurs.

As always, the animation and small details are what make these 8-bit trailers so fun. Though video game adaptations of movies have waned in recent years (while the inverse has increased, to mixed results), it would be amazing to see an 8-bit version of some of Marvel's and DC's films. It's often difficult to nail an adaptation, but the simplicity and nostalgia of a game in this style would be the perfect accompaniment to blockbuster movies. In fact, they'd be fairly simple to introduce on a mobile platform, making them even more accessible to audiences with the growth of mobile gaming.

We'll bring you more Spider-Man: Homecoming news as it arrives. Until then, let us know in the comments if you spotted any new Easter eggs in the 8-bit trailer.

Source: JoBlo

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