Spider-Man: Homecoming Writers Are Returning For the Sequel

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It looks like Sony is getting the band back together for the sequel to this summer's smash hit Spider-Man: Homecoming. A new report reveals that Homecoming co-screenwriters Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers are signing up for the next solo Spidey adventure featuring Tom Holland's iteration of Peter Parker.

After the relative disappointment of the Marc Webb-directed The Amazing Spider-Man films, Sony made the unprecedented move of teaming up with Marvel Studios to introduce a new version of the web slinger into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Debuting in Captain America: Civil War, Holland's youthful Peter Parker was an instant hit, and his solo film has been a bright spot in a summer full of box office flops.

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Sony is currently lining up the same behind the scenes talent for the impending Homecoming sequel. According to a report from THR, McKenna and Sommers are in final negotiations to return for the next Spider-Man MCU solo film, which is currently scheduled to debut in July 2019. It was previously reported that director Jon Watts is in negotiations to return, while Holland is already locked up to reprise his eponymous superhero role.

McKenna and Sommers are having quite a year. The duo, who made their names working on sitcoms like Community, American Dad, and The Mindy Project, ended up having two high profile superhero successes in 2017 - having not only written Spider-Man: Homecoming, but also The LEGO Batman Movie. Their work impressed both Sony and Marvel: the duo is also working on Sony's Jumanji reboot and Marvel's upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp.

For their part, Sony must be breathing a sigh of relief that Spider-Man is both financially and creatively back on track. After Sam Raimi's version of the character fizzled out after the widely derided Spider-Man 3, the studio struggled to find a new direction for the character. Webb's pair of The Amazing Spider-Man films were angling for the creation of a shared universe that would feature only Spider-Man allies and villains, unconnected from the MCU. Those movies, met with lukewarm reviews and modest box office numbers, were abandoned in favor of teaming with Marvel.

The experiment was a success for both parties, allowing Spider-Man to interact with the Avengers in the Marvel films, while having largely independent, smaller scale adventures that delved into his life as a teenager in his solo films. With McKenna and Sommers back onboard, it's not hard to imagine this new Spider-Man continuing to thrive in the future, too.

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Source: THR

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