Green Goblin Would Be The Perfect Villain For Spider-Man: Homecoming 2

Why Norman Osborn Would Be Good For The MCU After Avengers 4

The Green Goblin is one of Spider-Man's most iconic foes. But he's far more significant as genius and industrialist Norman Osborn. He runs Oscorp, a multinational company of tremendous influence, rivaling Stark Industries at its height. Osborn has no qualms about weapons design; the MCU equivalent would most definitely be seeking ways to create "enhanced" soldiers. There are strong rumors Mendell Stromm, a geneticist who works for Oscorp, will be the main villain in Sony's Silver & Black. Although the relationship between Sony's Spider-Man spinoffs and the MCU is uncertain, there are rumors Sony is only casting a voice actor for a brief Osborn cameo. Their concern is that they don't want to contradict Marvel's canon; they seem to believe Marvel may cast the role sooner or later. Should Marvel choose to do so, they could subtly tie the Sony spinoffs into the MCU, and also extend the scale and scope of Osborn's evil. After all, while their main story would be told in the Spider-Man movies, the spinoffs would add to the character's legend.

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In the comics, Osborn was ultimately exposed and imprisoned. He wound up team leader of the Thunderbolts, a group of super-villains who were forced to work for the US Government; that incarnation of the team was essentially Marvel's answer to Suicide Squad. Marvel has already introduced one key player in the Thunderbolts, Civil War's Baron Zemo, and unusually chose to keep him alive by the film's end. Ant-Man & The Wasp will introduce another, the Ghost.

As leader of the Thunderbolts, Osborn wound up on the front lines in battle against a Skrull invasion. A lucky shot turned him into a hero, and Osborn was awarded with leadership of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s replacement, H.A.M.M.E.R.. This launched one of the most exciting eras in recent Marvel Comics, the so-called "Dark Reign." This arc saw the heroes struggling to survive, desperately wondering what to do about Osborn. Significantly, 2019's Captain Marvel is set to introduce the Skrulls, and many fans believe that's to set up a "Secret Invasion" arc running through Phase 4. With two members of the Thunderbolts in play, and the Skrulls due to appear next year as well, Marvel really could be setting the stage for Osborn's rise to power.

This, of course, is an arc that the Spider-Man movies have never explored before. They've never shown Osborn disgraced and defeated, yet refusing to surrender; they've never given a sense of just how much a survivor he truly is, or presented him with a chance to reshape the world in his own twisted image. The "Dark Reign" era alone demonstrates that, for all Sony have used two previous versions of Osborn, they haven't used the character up; he still has tremendous potential, especially as part of the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe. Meanwhile, the surrogate/mentor relationship with Peter would launch Osborn's story with style, ensuring viewers became invested in Spider-Man's greatest enemy, and watched his rise to power with equal parts shock and excitement.

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