Marvel Can Have Spider-Man Fight The Sinister Six in Homecoming 2

Three Members of The MCU's Sinister Six Already Exist

Spider-Man: Homecoming has already brought three potential members of the Sinister Six into play. The most obvious is, of course, the Vulture, who has been subtly adapted as an analog for the Green Goblin; just as Norman Osborn was the father of Peter's friend Harry, so the Vulture is the father of the girl he likes, Liz. In the comics, one of the reasons Osborn is so dangerous is because he discovered Spider-Man's secret identity, in the same way, the Vulture has discovered it.

It's true that Homecoming ended with the Vulture in prison, but since when has that stopped any supervillain? Besides, the prison scene is used to set up another possible member of the Sinister Six. Michael Mando made a brief appearance as the new Scorpion, seemingly inspired by the Ultimate Comics version of the character. There's no way that cameo wasn't intended to be a hint that the Scorpion will be a future villain in the Spider-Man films. Indeed, in Homecoming's mid-credits scene he approached a now-jailed Vulture about teaming-up to get revenge on Spider-Man - a classic Sinister Six setup.

Intriguingly, the Scorpion may actually prove to be an important link between the MCU and Sony's Spider-villain spinoffs; he's said to be one of the villains in 2019's Silver & Black. It's quite unclear what the situation is here and how important Scorpion is to the plot, but that opens some further interesting possibilities. Whether that happens or not, though, Mando is likely to return in a future Spider-Man sequel.

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A third potential member is, of course, the Shocker, who was Vulture's key henchman in Homecoming and has been a member of the Sinister Six in the comics.

Who Else Could Be In The MCU Sinister Six?

Of course, that leaves three other members. It's worth noting that Marvel seems unwilling to use major villains who've appeared on the big screen before, which pretty much rules out Doctor Octopus, the Green Goblin, the Sandman, Electro, the Lizard and the Rhino. That needn't be a barrier. Marvel is quite enjoying throwing a creative spin on the Spider-Man franchise, so it's possible the film will still feature a goblin; just instead of the green variety, it could be Hobgoblin. Peter's best mate Ned Leeds is traditionally associated with the character, and we never got any insight into Ned's family life in Homecoming.

We can probably also rule out characters being considered for Spider-Man spinoffs. Although Marvel may ultimately allow Sony to connect in glancing ways, it's unlikely they'll go for an all-out crossover. Thus, the Sinister Six is unlikely to feature Venom, Silver Sable, Black Cat, Morbius, Kraven the Hunter, or even Mysterio.

That doesn't mean Marvel are out of options. In the comics, Aaron Davis aka cat-burglar the Prowler is currently the leader of the Sinister Six, and he just happened to make his big screen debut in Homecoming, acquiring his trademark gauntlet. While Davis has only recently become associated with the Sinister Six (the story arc is ongoing right now), he'd be a logical choice.

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As for further members, there is a wide range of comic-based possibilities, from the super-spy Chameleon to the energy-manipulating Bombshell. Recent rumors have suggested Marvel is looking to cast a "femme fatale" for the Homecoming sequel; it's possible this will be the sixth member of the team, perhaps a drastically redesigned version of an iconic villain.


With so many villains already in play, it's almost inevitable that Marvel will introduce the Sinister Six sooner or later. Drew Goddard was right to view this as "the Spider-Man movie of [fans'] dreams," an all-out action adventure that sees Spider-Man pitted against not one but six of his deadliest enemies. What's more, with Peter already believed to be heading to Europe, Homecoming 2 already has the feel of an "annual" story rather than a tightly-woven piece of continuity - something that would be a refreshing break from the all-encompassing events of the next two Avengers films.

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