Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 Villain is Still Up in the Air

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Marvel and Sony are already plotting Spider-Man: Homecoming 2, but that doesn't mean the first film's ending reveals who the villain will be. With both studios still waiting to see just how well Spider-Man: Homecoming does in its opening weekend in theaters, the reactions and reviews have pointed to an overwhelmingly positive feeling from viewers. This bodes well for both as this partnership is scheduled to continue for at least three more movies, currently ending with a sequel to Homecoming.

Since the sequel was announced and dated months before Homecoming's theatrical debut, everyone watching the latter will be looking to find any seeds that it plants for a followup. One of these is Michael Mando playing the role of Mac Gargan aka Scorpion. His role may have been small, but Homecoming's post-credits scene suggests he may return in a larger capacity in the sequel. That said, the Homecoming sequel's actual villain is (apparently) still being decided.

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CinemaBlend spoke to both Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige and Homecoming director Jon Watts about the potential for Scorpion to be the villain in the sequel. While explaining how Gargan found a way into the story to begin with, Feige notes that this shouldn't be taken as confirmation that he'll one day become the Scorpion from the comics or the villain of Homecoming 2:

We needed a character to be doing -- for the Vulture to be doing business with on the Staten Island Ferry. And we thought it would be fun if he had a scorpion's head tattoo. But I wouldn't read into it much more than that.

Feige may just be playing coy about the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel so far ahead of its release. As for Watts: he's not confirmed to direct Homecoming 2 yet, but thinks the potential is there for more of Scorpion:

I haven't really planned anything beyond this movie. But it is nice to have that potential. There are so many things that could be a nice jumping off point for the next movie, and he's definitely one of them. Michael Mando's such a great actor, too. It'd be fun to explore.

Scorpion does not have the biggest role in Homecoming, with all of his screen time coming from the Ferry scene. His encounter with Spider-Man is a rather dangerous one when everything is said and done, as he almost gets thrown off the Ferry and is later knocked off. It isn't until the mid-credits scene of his prison encounter with Vulture that audiences get a look at Gargan's scarred face and new mechanical brace on his right arm.

It is in this mid-credits scene where the tease of his possible larger future comes, with him asking Toomes to reveal Spidey's identity so that Scorpion's friends can take a crack at New York's newest hero. Since Toomes wouldn't give up the name, Gargan will have to break out of prison to get his revenge. Neither statement from Feige or Watts indicate that he'll be back in a major way in the sequel, but the option is certainly there. If the villain they choose - a Spider-Man villain new to the big screen - is a friend of Gargan's, perhaps Mando will come back in a supporting capacity.

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Source: CinemaBlend

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