Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 May Film in Multiple European Countries

A new report confirms a May filming start for Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 and says the sequel will film in multiple European countries. Thanks to the secrecy surrounding Avengers: Infinity War, let alone Avengers 4, Phase 4 of the MCU is largely a mystery right now. What we do know, however, is that both  Homecoming 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be a part of Marvel's slate. The sequel to Peter Parker's solo debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will arrive two months after Avengers 4 in 2019, meaning MCU fans won't have to wait long to find out what's in store for them once Phase 3 has drawn to a close.

Yesterday, we learned the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel is casting a James Bond-esque femme fatale and a couple of agents who will appear with her. Although the first Homecoming took place almost entirely in New York, it appears the sequel will be expanding Spidey's world and moving some of the action across the pond. It's been reported that Berlin could factor into the film, but now it looks like a few other European countries will play a role too.

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Production Weekly (via Prague Reporter) has the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel listed as starting production on May 19. Naturally, it will shoot in New York, but London, Venice, and Prague are also said to be filming locations. Paired with the news about European agents appearing in the sequel, it sounds like Spider-Man is going full blown international next year.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Spider-Man Homecoming

While the MCU's Spider-Man franchise started off relatively grounded, Tom Holland did debut as the wall-crawler in a massive spectacle film (re: Civil War). And though his sequel took place by and large in New York, Infinity War will give Peter the Iron Spider suit, see him battle aliens, and may even send him into outer space. After all that, a globe-trotting adventure doesn't seem out of the question either.

It's not clear yet why Peter is headed to Europe, but it's could involve a school trip. If not that, then his duties as Spider-Man may send him abroad, especially if the mystery woman in question proves to be a threat. Among the characters speculated to be this femme fatale are Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman, so it's possible that she will make her MCU debut in a story set in Europe, before she travels to NYC to meet Peter.

At this point, we only have reports and speculation to go on. However, with Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 scheduled to arrive in July of 2019, it will start shooting sometime this summer for certain. That means that casting updates, set photos, and maybe even a synopsis aren't too far off. And while some things may have to remain a secret so as not to spoil Avengers 4, more concrete details on Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 should be right around the corner.

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Source: Production Weekly (via Prague Reporter)

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