Doctor Strange Should Be Spider-Man 2's Big MCU Cameo

Peter Parker's fellow New Yorker Doctor Strange is the perfect MCU character to cameo in the as-yet-untitled Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel. The first solo Spider-Man movie in the MCU, Spider-Man: Homecoming, featured Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark in a major role, acting as a mentor figure to Tom Holland's Peter Parker, and even giving Spider-Man a major upgrade. That character arc continued into this year's Avengers: Infinity War, and led to one of the movie's most heartbreaking moments.

There are two reasons Marvel added Iron Man to Homecoming. The first is that a major MCU cameo emphasized the difference between this latest iteration of Peter Parker and the two who had gone before. This new, youthful Spider-Man exists in the context of the MCU, is part of the "bigger universe" that Nick Fury referred to in the first Iron Man, and he can actually fight side-by-side with other Marvel heroes.

The second reason, however, is that it's generally believed this was part of Marvel's deal with Sony. Sony wanted this new Spider-Man film to have more star-power than any Spidey movie to date, and that meant including one of the MCU's biggest names. If that's the case, we'd be expecting the Homecoming sequel to operate under similar terms... which means another MCU hero should play a major role.

Another MCU Cameo Is Expected In The Sequel

Robert Downey Jr. brought some serious star-power to Spider-Man: Homecoming, but it was reportedly a one-time-only deal. That makes sense; most viewers believe Tony Stark will pay the ultimate price to defeat Thanos in next year's Avengers 4. The Homecoming sequel is set "minutes afterAvengers 4, so - assuming viewers are correct - there's no way Stark could actually cameo in it. No doubt the impact of Stark's sacrifice would still be felt in the sequel, of course; Peter Parker idolizes Stark, and would grieve the passing of his mentor.

In June last year, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that another MCU character would appear in the Homecoming sequel instead. "Sony will get a to-be-determined Marvel character for Spider-Man 2," they reported, and compared the scale of the cameo to Downey's. Given Stark's significance to Homecoming's plot, this can be expected to be another team-up movie, with Holland's Spider-Man working alongside another Marvel hero. So far, attention has been focused on the possibility of Letitia Wright's Shuri - a breakout star from Black Panther - being the cameo. But, given the little we know of the Homecoming sequel to date, that doesn't seem terribly likely.

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Filming on the sequel is expected to start in July, and this cameo is sure to leak. There's absolutely no way Marvel will be able to hide news of an A-list MCU actor being on set. So it's likely we'll hear more about the cameo over the course of the next few weeks.

What Do We Know About The Homecoming Sequel?

Supervillain Movies Mysterio

According to Kevin Feige, the Homecoming sequel is essentially the launchpad for the post-Phase 3 MCU. As he put it, "What better person to hold your hand and lead you into the next incarnation of the MCU, in a grounded, realistic manner, than Peter Parker?" Although Spider-Man will still spend some time in New York, the Homecoming sequel sees him swinging across the globe, with production actually kicking off in London. Feige has implied that won't be the only location the webhead visits, either.

Michael Keaton's Vulture is confirmed to return, but there are reports that the main villain will actually be Mysterio. Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks to portray Spider-Man's would-be magical menace; no stranger to action films, at his best Gyllenhaal is able to portray a truly three-dimensional character, and the role of Mysterio would give him a real chance to shine. Whether Gyllenhaal actually gets the part or not, though, it looks as though Mysterio is coming to the MCU. There are unconfirmed rumors that this version of Mysterio is a thief who steals an important piece of Stark technology, a natural link back to Tony Stark, but it's really too soon to properly assess these rumors. So they should be taken with a serious pinch of salt.

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