Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 Gets The First Avenger Costume Designer

Marvel Studios and Sony reportedly hire Captain America: The First Avenger costume designer Anna Sheppard for Spider-Man: Homecoming 2. Following years of hopes, Marvel and Sony finally found a way to work together and bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The results of Spider-Man: Homecoming - 2017's highest grossing superhero movie and successfully relaunching Spider-Man - show why this deal should've happened long ago. Tom Holland's first solo movie was just the beginning of their plans, with a sequel already gearing up to hit theaters next summer.

As the first film that will hit theaters after Avengers 4, the sequel to Homecoming will either bookend Phase 3 or launch Phase 4. Plot details on the sequel have unsurprisingly been minimal, but it does appear that Gwen Stacy will be introduced. Filming locations possibly point to an international adventure for Spidey, while various other production roles have been filled. Now, Oscar nominated costume designer Anna Sheppard appears to be involved.

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MCUExchange shared the news that Sheppard has joined according to a source of theirs involved with production. Sheppard's résumé speaks for itself, and MCU fans are already familiar with her work thanks to Captain America: The First Avenger. She's received Oscar nominations for her work on Schindler's ListThe Pianist, and Maleficent. Her other credits include many other period pieces, such as FuryThe Book Thief, and Inglorious Bastards.

The hiring of Sheppard may not be the biggest news for many, but it may add further evidence to Peter Parker going abroad during his junior year. Sheppard's experience designing costumes that match the style of a variety of countries and time periods makes her a great choice for designing the costumes for an internationally based movie. Not only is she well-versed in international style, but the recurring trend of her tackling period pieces is intriguing too. No one knows how Avengers 4 will shake up the MCU, but it would be quite interesting to not only see Spidey in another country, but also in a different place in time. The likelihood of that happening probably isn't great however.

Spidey's sequel also reportedly added Daredevil cinematographer Matthew Lloyd and IT's production designer Claude Pare. The influx of production crew hirings is a good sign considering filming is now believed to start in late May. With it looking like an international shoot for Homecoming 2, fans will have to rely on foreign press and paparazzi to get some looks at the sequel. Thanks to the working title also being previously revealed, it will be easier for those who want to find the set to be successful.

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Source: MCUExchange

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