Listen to Homecoming's Version of the 1960s Spider-Man Theme

1960s Spider-Man TV Show Theme Song

Spider-Man: Homecoming is just one week away from release - and to give the already eager fans another morsel of excitement, Sony has released a snippet of composer Michael Giacchino's orchestral adaptation of the original Spider-Man theme.

Giacchino is one of the premier composers working in Hollywood today, working on a wide variety of projects both of high and low-profile. Giacchino's body of work features some of the biggest franchises and studio names in Hollywood, working on films in the Star Trek, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Mission: Impossible and Planet of the Apes series along with multiple scores for Disney and Pixar films like Zootopia, The Incredibles, Up!, and Inside Out. It's a bit surprising that it took Giacchino until last year to work with Marvel, but his work on Doctor Strange was in fact his first score for the MCU.

Unsurprisingly, Marvel Studios wanted to work with him again after Doctor Strange, so Jon Watts brought him back to score Spider-Man: Homecoming. For the franchise's first solo film with the web-slinger (after the deal with Sony gave them the ability to use him in their universe), the filmmakers clearly want to pay homage to the past of the character while also looking towards the forward. To do just that, Giacchino has released a piece of his rendition of the classic 1960s Spider-Man theme song from the original animated series (see above).

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Giacchino's version of the theme comes with a more modern, faster pace than the relatively simple original. There are more instruments as play, making the theme feel more epic and in tune with the music from action blockbusters of the 21st century. Also gone are the actual words of the song, as singing lyrics like "does whatever a spider can" is a bit cheesy in context of the modern film landscape (unless it's a tongue in cheek reference like in Spider-Man 2 or The Simpsons Movie).

This is a lovely sounding version of the original theme for this new version of Spidey. Tom Holland's version of the character is still going to school and doing his homework when he's not fighting crime like the character of Peter Parker has been doing for decades, but he's also hanging out with the Avengers and saving the world from global threats. Therefore, this is a orchestration that reflects that new and old world difference, respecting the origins of the character but still giving us the thrills we want from a new Spider-Man theme.

Other samples of the Homecoming score are available now on Spotify. You can hear the rest of Giacchino's Spider-Man: Homecoming score when the film opens everywhere next Friday.

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Source: Michael Giacchino

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