Spider-Man Greets Kids Stranded By Houston Flood

A person dressed as Spider-Man is cheering up kids stranded by the devastating floods in Houston. America is sadly no stranger to brutal natural disasters in recent years, such as the destruction in New Orleans caused by Hurricane Katrina, or the extensive damage done to New Jersey and New York by Hurricane Sandy. The latest storm to ravage the U.S. is Hurricane Harvey, which has hit Houston, Texas the hardest. As a result, massive flooding has occurred, leaving many residents displaced for the time being.

In times like this, it's easy to feel frustrated and sad about how bad things have gotten in the effected areas, including a death toll of 20 so far, and thousands of evacuees. Thankfully, every now and then during such times of crisis, people do selfless things that help to remind everyone else just how great humanity is capable of being to each other.

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As reported by THR, one such good deed sure to make people smile is the decision of an as yet unidentified person to dress up as Spider-Man, and help comfort kids stranded at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. The building is being used as a shelter during the storm, and has already received more than 9,000 evacuees. Houston's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is reportedly handing out stickers, and generally serving to cheer up the kids currently forced to reside at the shelter. Two videos of these costume-clad acts of kindness are below.

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man making kids smile at the GRB:

— Stef Manisero (@StefManisero) August 29, 2017

And this one. These videos courtesy of @RobbieVaughn79 are priceless:

— Stef Manisero (@StefManisero) August 29, 2017

It's worth noting that Spider-Man was probably the best superhero to go with here, although it's obviously unknown if the person in question specifically chose to go and get a Spidey costume, or just happened to have one for some reason. Spider-Man - at least in most incarnations - is arguably the friendliest and warmest superhero out there, not being as consumed by anger as Batman or the Hulk, or as egotistical as Iron Man or Thor. In short, he's the perfect character to be counted on to make kids smile and laugh on sight.

One wonders if the world will ever know the secret identity of this commendable Spider-person, but regardless, there are many ways to be a hero in life, and trying to brighten the day of people currently going through an impossibly stressful situation is certainly one of them. As divided as America currently is on many fronts, it's nice to be reminded of just how kind people can be to those they've never before met and may well never interact with again.

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Source: THR

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