Spider-Man Villain Mister Negative Explained

Connection to Cloak & Dagger

For Marvel fans, all of this talk about Maggia experimentation, Simon Marshall, and the Darkforce will likely sound familiar. That’s because the same drug that empowered Mister Negative gave Cloak and Dagger their abilities.

Once two runaway teens, Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson were kidnapped by the Maggia and forced to undergo experiments with Marshall’s new synthetic heroin. As a result, they both gained incredible new powers, with Tandy wielding various light-based weaponry and Ty having control over Darkforce. Mister Negative, meanwhile, seems to have a combination of both of their abilities, making him far more dangerous and a foe of Cloak and Dagger. Ironically, it was Tandy and Ty who helped Martin Li escape after his transformation, forever connecting the two heroes with the villain.

Recent History

Since his debut, Mister Negative has had a number of interesting stories within Marvel Comics. Thanks to his dual connection to the criminal underworld and various shelters across New York, he’s come into contact with May Parker and quickly became a Spider-Man villain. Though new to the city, he’s quickly taken a place high up in the criminal underworld alongside Kingpin and the Maggia.

Following his initial introduction, Martin Li meets Eddie Brock while the latter is battling cancer and the Venom Symbiote. Li provides Brock with a job at one of his F.E.A.S.T. shelters, but it’s soon revealed that his touch has killed some of Brock’s cancer cells. Even more remarkably, but it bonds with the Symbiote, transforming Brock into Anti-Venom, a white Symbiote set on destroying other Symbiotes and their hosts.

Over the years, he’s continued to pop in stories like ‘Spider-Island’ and ‘Dark Reign,’ having conflicts and forming partnerships with everyone from Hammerhead to the Goblin King. With the reboot of the Marvel Universe following Secret Wars, Mister Negative has been put front and center in Spidey’s life again thanks to Dan Slott.

During Volume 4 of Amazing Spider-Man, the web-slinger once again comes into conflict with the villain while both are operating in China and Japan. During the run, Mister Negative manages to turn Cloak and Dagger, inverting their costumes and powers. The whole story is a fascinating globetrotting adventure, intersecting a number of Marvel heroes and villains and plenty of Spidey recurring characters.

Though new, it’s likely to influence some of the events of the new Spider-Man game, and it wouldn’t at all be surprising if Cloak and Dagger show up during the storyline. We’ve already seen that Miles Morales exists in the game, so expect more heroes and civilians from Spider-Man’s comics to show up.

The Big Bad

Spider-Man stealthily watches bad guys in Marvel's Spider-Man by Insomniac Games

There’s a lot of things we’re hoping to see in the new Spider-Man game, from innovative mechanics to multiple suits. One main thing fans want that’s likely to occur is a number of villains and heroes from Spider-Man games. Cloak and Dagger and other Spiders like Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales seem likely, but more villains is also a must. We recently learned that Mister Negative won't be the game’s main villain, and it’s not really surprising.

Though fascinating, Spidey has many more well-known rogues that are bound to pop up. Even aside from Kingpin, expect a number of different bosses and criminals to thwart Spidey’s efforts to protect his home. Like most superhero video games, including many Spidey ones, a number of rogues are usually employed throughout various stages of the game. Because of this, we can likely expect some more surprise additions to the story, especially as its release is still a ways off.

All told, Mister Negative is an alluring new foe to pit Spidey against, and one that’s been gaining steam since his introduction. From an appearance on Ultimate Spider-Man, to cameos in a number of past Spidey games, Mister Negative’s fascinating powers and mysterious backstory make him a perfect addition to the more mainstream Spider-Man canon. Thanks to Mister Negative’s unique abilities and non-traditional minions, expect Spidey’s early missions in Marvel’s Spider-Man to be inventive and challenging.

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