Spider-Man Meets Marvel's New Ladies-Only SINISTER SIX

Spider-Man Female Sinister Six

Warning: SPOILERS for Amazing Spider-Man #25

Every fan of Spider-Man knows of the Sinister Six, the super-team consisting of Spider-Man's greatest foes--Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Sandman, Electro, Kraven, and Vulture. But Amazing Spider-Man #25 just introduced an all-new, all-female version. It's time for fans to meet The Sinister Syndicate.

They may be new, but they've already proved themselves by easily taking down some of Kingpin's guards in order to complete their team. The new Electro, AKA Francine Frye, finds herself in a pickle after attempting to ransom and murder a famous actress. For the unfamiliar, Francine used to hang around with some super villains--until Electro (the Maxwell Dillon version) accidentally killed her when his powers were malfunctioning. Eventually she was brought back to life, and ending up stealing all of Electro's powers (accidentally) to become the new Electro. Now she's following in her predecessor's footsteps all over again.

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Francine's criminal plot is a personal one, since she's no fan of actress Melanie Daniels. But when Francine decides to strike during Melanie's performance in a stage production of the Fantasic Four's exploits, she hits some bad luck, since Mary Jane Watson just so happens to be n attendance. With Electro distracted, MJ puts her acting skills to use and replaces Melanie--leaving Electro none the wiser. MJ works with the stage director to dump a giant water tank on Electro while she's distracted, allowing her to be arrested.

Spider-Man Female Sinister Syndicate Comic

While she is on her way to jail, a group of five other female villains tip the transport truck and rescue her. They call themselves The Syndicate for now, but Marvel is already teasing their formation as Marvel's new Sinister Syndicate (which sounds even better). They've staged their jailbreak to discuss employment opportunities with Electro, filling out their current all-girl team already consisting of White Rabbit, Beetle, Lady Octopus, Scorpia, and another unconfirmed female villain.

During their fight with the guards who are transporting Electro, the first details of the team are given: "...little old us? We're just a burgeoning startup. Haven't even finished putting our team together." Clearly they're brand new in Marvel's Universe, and fans are still in the dark as to what mission they're currently beginning. At just five members deep by issue's end, these ladies can't use the Sinister Six title yet... but that could change fast. Synopses for upcoming issues makes it apparent they're after Spidey's roommate, Boomerang. Will Spider-Man stop this all female Sinister team-up? Or will their plot to eliminate his roommate proceed too effectively to be stopped? Stay tuned for Amazing Spider-Man #27, where the confrontation is due to happen, coming to store shelves August 14th.

Amazing Spider-Man #25 is on sale now from Marvel Comics, and at your local comic shop.

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