10 Things The Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Might Be Lying About

Ever since Avengers: Endgame, MCU fans have found themselves unable to trust the movies’ trailers. Due to misleading editing or altered shots, they can cover up spoilers to hoodwink audiences who spend their days analyzing every shot and line of dialogue to see if they can uncover hidden plot details.

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The trailers for Spider-Man: Far From Home, which will be swinging into theaters this summer, have been particularly dubious in how they’ve laid out the plot and characters of the sequel. Maybe we’re just being paranoid, but here are some things that Spider-Man: Far From Home's latest trailer might just be lying about.

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10 Mysterio is a good guy

In the comics, Mysterio is one of Spider-Man’s most threatening foes. He hates Spidey with a passion and will do anything to destroy him – just like everyone else in the Sinister Six – so it seems unusual that he would be working with Spidey in Far From Home.

This could be one of those cases where the MCU tweaks the canon from the comics, but it’s highly unlikely that Marvel’s premier franchise would take one of its premier character's premier villains and turn them into a good guy. He might become a villain halfway through, but he might also be revealed to have been a villain all along.

9 The Elementals are from the multiverse

The Elementals in Spider-Man Far From Home

Mysterio’s claims of a multiverse are consistent with MCU lore, but they’re not consistent with his characterization from the comics. In the comics, Mysterio is bad news. He’s one of Spidey’s greatest foes, and his most useful asset is manipulation. So, diehard fans have been taking everything he says in the Far From Home trailers with a pinch of salt.

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This guy’s whole deal is creating really realistic illusions to trick Spider-Man, and those illusions usually look something like the Elementals. The multiverse is probably real, because Endgame gave us multiple catastrophic finger-snaps and a ton of time travel, but the Elementals might not be a result of it.

8 M.J. knows Peter is Spider-Man

A couple of times in Homecoming, M.J. gets jokingly suspicious of Peter whenever he excuses himself from a group event. She’s at the base of the Washington Monument when he calls over his suit and starts climbing it, she saw him rush out of the homecoming dance, and in the Far From Home trailer, she outright tells Peter that she knows he’s Spider-Man.

Is this going to be the revelation that brings them closer together and makes them fall in love, or are the Marvel people just screwing with us? If this were true, they probably wouldn’t spoil it in the trailer.

7 Peter is cool with having just died

In the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailers, Peter seems to be having a great time on his European vacation, flirting with his crush and bunking with his best bud. But let’s not forget that this guy literally just came back from the dead. He turned to dust at the hands of a genocidal alien overlord and then reappeared from nothingness five years later. Why’s he so cool with that?

Well, the simplest answer is, he probably isn’t. It’s just that none of the scenes that deal with the fallout of being killed and then resurrected have been included in the trailer, because it’s not enticing to a summer movie crowd of children.

6 Everything is really happening

As long as we’re really getting skeptical about the trailers for Spider-Man: Far From Home, perhaps we should question whether or not everything’s really happening. It’s a trippy storyline, with Peter and all his friends the same age they were before the five-year time jump.

Maybe there will be a haunting plot twist at the end that reveals that the whole movie has taken place inside Spidey’s mind and he’s been strapped to a table and hooked up to a mind-warping machine by the Sinister Six. This one is absurdly unlikely, but a lot about the plot of the movie as we’ve been presented it also seems pretty unlikely.

5 The Spidey in the stealth suit is our Spidey

The so-called “stealth suit” that Spider-Man wears in some of the clips in the Far From Home trailer closely resembles the Spider-Man Noir costume from the comics. Now, this might not actually be Spider-Man Noir, but it could be a Spider-Man from an alternative reality, who managed to make it into our reality to either fight our Spidey or team up with him.

He could be from a slightly alternative reality in which the teenagePeter Parker was still bitten by that radioactive spider and became your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, but instead of coming up with a red-and-blue color scheme, he went with black.

4 Thanos’ snap created the multiverse

Thanos Snaps in Avengers Infinity War

In the latest Far From Home trailer, Nick Fury says that the multiverse was created when Thanos snapped his fingers, but what if that’s not it? This is the guy who worked for a government agency for decades without realizing it was being run by Nazis. One MCU fan theory is that Thanos’ destructive finger-snap is not what created the multiverse.

Rather, it was Loki, when he took the Space Stone and disappeared into a timeline in which Thanos didn’t kill him. This is pretty plausible, since the Loki moment was given precedence in Endgame, despite having nothing to do with the central plot.

3 Nick Fury is really Nick Fury

Nick Fury recruits Spider-Man to join forces with Mysterio and take on the Elementals in the Far From Home trailer. But it all seems a little coincidental. Someone like Doctor Strange or Ant-Man would be far more qualified to deal with a threat of this scale. They have the mastery of reality that multiversal conflict requires. So, why Spider-Man?

Some fans think it’s because Nick Fury isn’t really Nick Fury and is instead the Chameleon in disguise. It would make a lot more sense than the plot presented by the trailer. Maybe he could even be a Skrull and Phase 4 will be all about the “Secret Invasion.”

2 Mysterio is really Mysterio

Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio in Spider-Man Far From Home

In the Far From Home trailer, Mysterio tells Spider-Man that in the reality he comes from, there is no Spider-Man. Some fans have theorized – although it is a bit of a stretch – that Mysterio is actually Spider-Man from another reality.

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Either Quentin Beck was the one in that reality who got bitten by the radioactive spider and given Spidey’s powers, or Far From Home’s Mysterio is really Peter Parker using an alias to avoid freaking out his younger alternative self. Maybe he’s not Spider-Man – because, again, that is a bit of a stretch – but he might not really be Mysterio.

1 Every other superhero is unavailable

Avengers Endgame Quantum Realm Suits Hulk

By the time the final battle in Avengers: Endgame rolled around, there were more than 30 major MCU characters with superpowers who were around to join the fight. And we’re supposed to believe that now, they’re all too busy to deal with the small matter of a hole being ripped in the fabric of reality?

It made sense in Homecoming, when all Peter was doing was busting an arms dealing ring, because that’s below the Avengers’ paygrade, but the universe getting ripped and split apart? That sounds like something that should require everyone’s help. It seems unlikely that they’d just be busy and it would all rest on “the kid.”

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