Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Breakdown - 49 Story Reveals & Secrets

7. The Logo Is A Globe

The logo for Spider-Man: Far From Home is tremendously creative; a spinning globe that transforms into the Spider-Man symbol. It then incorporates itself into the letter "O" in "Home." It's a nice touch, and makes a very dynamic sequence.

6. Remy Hii's Character

Remy Hii in Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home adds a new member to the cast, Remy Hii (Crazy Rich Asians) in an as-yet-undisclosed role. Previous reports called for Sony and Marvel looking to find another male lead for Far From Home. The casting was open to all ethnicities and specifically noted someone with "leading man" qualities between the ages of 18-24. Hii is slightly older than this age range, but he could fit the bill. If so, then this may well be a major role. There's been some speculation that Hii could be playing the MCU version of Harry Osborn, but as yet there's no evidence to confirm this.

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5. Iron Man And Thor Rolled Into One

Mysterio's grandstanding battle against the Elementals seems to be winning him quite a fan-base, with Peter's friends describing their new hero as being "like Iron Man and Thor rolled into one." That's definitely the look Mysterio appears to be aiming for with his powerset and armor. This may actually be significant; it's worth remembering that the Vulture Gang had been selling advanced tech and weapons for years before Spider-Man shut them down, and that included both Stark technology and Asgardian weapons. Mysterio could well have been one of the Vulture's customers, who's now using that technology to spectacular effect.

4. Flash Is A Spider-Man Fan

While Peter Parker will be delighted to spend a bit of quality time with MJ, he'll be a lot less enthusiastic about the fact his school bully - Tony Revolori's Flash Thompson - is also along for the school trip. The MCU version of Flash is very different to his original comic book iteration, who was a tough jock who delighted in shoving Peter around. But it seems one element has been kept; Flash Thompson is a Spider-Man fan. The trailer shows an entirely comic-book-accurate scene in which Flash Thompson, the man Peter dislikes more than anybody else in the world, is the only Spider-Man fan in the whole crowd. The conflicted expression on Peter's face speaks volumes.

3. BONUS: Aunt May Wants Peter To Be Spider-Man In Europe

The international Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer features three scenes that aren't on the domestic one. The first is a brief scene that shows Peter Parker attempting to check his luggage, and he's shocked to find the Spider-Man costume inside it. Clearly Aunt May isn't just okay with Peter being Spider-Man - she actually supports his heroism, and she wants him to continue being a superhero even on his European vacation. Fortunately for Peter, the customs officer appears to assume he's just a fanboy who likes cosplay.

2. The Kids Go Abroad

Following on from that scene, the international trailer also shows the kids checking through customs. Ned and Betty go through as a couple, looking particularly sweet together. MJ, naturally, goes through alone.

1. J.B. Smoothe's Character

There's been a lot of speculation that J.B. Smoothe could be playing J. Jonah Jameson, but the international trailer pretty much debunks that theory. He's on the boat in Venice, which strongly suggests that Smoothe is just one of the teachers accompanying the students on their trip to Europe. That fits with set reports.

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