Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Breakdown - 49 Story Reveals & Secrets

21. Fury Challenges Peter

"You got gifts, Parker," Nick Fury lectures. "But we have a job to do. Are you going to step up or not?" This scene will remind Spider-Man fans of Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, where Nick Fury takes the wall-crawler under his wing - and often acts as a substitute father-figure. It sounds as though, at some point, Spider-Man doubts whether or not he should continue working with Fury and Hill; it's possible he suffers a defeat, or fails in a mission.

20. Fire and Lightning - The Final Elemental?

Tower Bridge appears to be under attack from above, with blasts of lightning striking from the sky, and bursts of fire searing it. The trailer provides glimpses of three powerful Elementals - representing Fire, Water, and Earth - so it's reasonable to assume there's an Air Elemental as well. Certainly lightning would be an appropriate power for such an Elemental, perhaps loosely based on the classic Spider-Man villain Electro.

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19. The Molten Man

Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko back in 1965, the comic book version of the Molten Man was a scientist who was exposed to a radioactive liquid. He decided to use his powers for a life of crime, and has been a recurrent - albeit low-level - threat to Spider-Man ever since. Ironically, in the comics, he's actually the step-brother of Liz Allen, who appeared in the first film. It looks as though the MCU version of the Molten Man is a monstrous fire-creature, bent on causing destruction.

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18. Happy On The Stark Jet

The Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer includes another unexpected shot of Happy, suggesting he may play a more important role in the plot than many had thought. Happy is clearly on the Stark jet, so perhaps he's heard what's going on in Europe and come out to help Peter out. If so, it's worth noting that he'll understand what's going on a lot more than Peter does; he crossed paths with S.H.I.E.L.D. back when Fury was in charge, after all. This raises the possibility that at least one of the Spider-Man costumes in Spider-Man: Far From Home does come from Stark Industries after all.

17. Shootout In A Restaurant

The Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer features a shootout in a restaurant, and it's frankly the most inexplicable scene in the entire trailer. The scene is provided with no context whatsoever, and it's not really the kind of establishment Peter himself would frequent. Is this simply a generic crime that Spider-Man stumbles across at some point in the film? Or is it possible Peter and MJ - who are dressed up smartly elsewhere in the trailer - go to an up-market establishment and get caught in the gunfight? Whatever the truth may be, it's difficult to place this scene in the broader context of the story.

16. Attack On Tower Bridge

The chaos on Tower Bridge is indescribable - and Peter Parker's classmates are caught up in it, with lightning flaring around them. In quite a sweet touch, Ned and Betty are still holding hands even as they flee for their lives. MJ is the only one who looks back. They run past a car with a license plate "2865 SEP." That's another cool Easter egg, referencing Amazing Spider-Man #28, which was released in September 1965 - and introduced the Molten Man.

15. Spider-Man's Stealth Suit

Before he gets the red-and-black suit, Spider-Man looks to sport a stealth version of the traditional Spider-Man costume in Far From Home. The dark hues are evocative of spy getup, perfect for the kind of spy work Nick Fury would surely want Spider-Man to do on his behalf, and also looks like pretty formidable body-armor - albeit highly flexible. It's reminiscent of the Spider-Man Noir outfit, blended with the armor Spider-Man wore in Dan Slott's event "To The Ends of the Earth." That costume was created by Spider-Man in order to take on the assembled might of the Sinister Six.

14. Prague

Stealth Suit in Spider-Man Far From Home

Set photos have confirmed that Spider-Man wears his stealth suit while he's in Prague. Given the costume, it's safe to assume he's on a mission for Nick Fury - but has Fury taken him there on his own, or has the entire school trip been redirected by the MCU's premiere super-spy?

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