Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Breakdown - 49 Story Reveals & Secrets

28. Nick Fury In The Shard

Nick Fury looks out from the Shard, one of London's most iconic buildings. The tallest building in the United Kingdom, the Shard was completed in 2012 and opened to the public in 2013. There are a lot of conspiracy theories suggesting espionage agencies are based in the Shard, so it's amusing to see Nick Fury - the MCU's super-spy - in the building.

27. London Sightseers (Without Peter)

Peter's classmates wind up taking on a tour bus through London - and, of course, that means they go on a big, red bus. These buses are symbolic of London in any Hollywood blockbuster, and it's no surprise to see one featured in the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer. Notice that Peter himself is not on the tour, off doing superhero business. The young tourists wind get caught up in chaos on Tower Bridge, and Spider-Man has to come to the rescue.

26. Ned Knows Everything (Again)

Peter Parker just doesn't believe in keeping secrets from his friends, again choosing to confide in Ned and reveal that their school trip is being disrupted by Nick Fury in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Where Peter seems unimpressed, Ned is delighted. Peter is again wearing a T-shirt he wore before, in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

25. Tower Bridge On Fire

Spider-Man: Far From Home seems determined to explore some of London's most famous landmarks, featuring an attack on Tower Bridge. The effect looks like a pillar of cloud and fire; it's quite a Biblical image, evoking memories of the pillar that guided the Israelites through the Wilderness. If this is indeed an effect created by Mysterio, that may be exactly what he's looking for.

24. Spider-Man's New Black Suit (With A White Spider)

Spider-Man's Black Suit in Spider-Man Far From Home

A new Spider-Man movie means a new suit, and Peter's got quite the upgrade here. First seen in set photos and officially unveiled by Tom Holland on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, this is a red-and-black update on the Stark suit with a white spider on the back (evocative of Sony's hugely successful Spider-Man game). Beyond its design, little has been confirmed about the new suit; Peter wears it both in the London-set final to Spider-Man: Far From Home and back in New York City in set photos, meaning he gets it during his adventures. It could be from Fury, although as we'll see, he already has one from the agent.

Notice that this suit has a new ability; Spider-Man is able to use it to web-glide, which comes in handy for making his way across the Thames.

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23. The Sandman

The Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer confirms reports that the film will center on the wall-crawler confronting the threat of mysterious Elemental beings - at least three of them, possibly four. All three of the Elementals glimpsed in the trailer appear to be based on classic Spider-Man foes, transformed into mindless monsters. This one looks like the Sandman, a career criminal who stumbled into an experiment and was bonded with the sand of the beach. He's actually appeared in the Spider-Man films before; Thomas Haden Church played the Sandman in Spider-Man 3.

22. Nick Fury And Maria Hill On The Front Lines

Nick Fury and Maria Hill come face-to-face with one of the four Elementals. Assuming Fury is working with an organization again, this suggests he and Hill are a pair of field agents who are dispatched to deal with enhanced threats. Trailers are always out of sequence, so it's possible this scene is the first time Fury encountered an Elemental. It's easy to miss, but the car in front of Nick and Maria has the number "463" on its license plate. The Sandman was introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #4, which was published in 1963.

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