Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Breakdown - 49 Story Reveals & Secrets

41. Peter Parker's Passport Is A Big Secret

Spider-Man: Far From Home is unable to resist a gag about Peter Parker picking up his passport, and it's amusing to speculate whether or not they had to do multiple takes of Tom Holland performing this particular tongue-twister. But the important details are on the passport itself. Firstly, the dates don't give any years. This could be for fear of causing continuity problems - Spider-Man: Homecoming is infamous for an "eight years later" sequence that messed up the timeline - although is more likely that Sony chose to edit them out so the trailer doesn't actually reveal when exactly Spider-Man: Far From Home is set in relation to the rest of the MCU - the date could be a spoiler for Avengers: Endgame.

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Also notice that Peter Parker was born on August 10. That's the same day that Amazing Fantasy #15 was published back in 1963, introducing the world to Spider-Man.

40. Peter's Find X T-Shirt

A lot of thought went into choosing Peter's T-shirts in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and it's amusing to see him still wearing the Find X shirt. Peter Parker has always been something of a science and math nerd, and in the MCU he goes to a school for some of the brightest kids, so he naturally gravitated towards geeky clothes. Costume designer Louise Frogley scoured the internet, carefully choosing designs she thought were appropriate, and then clearing them with Sony's legal department. As she explained in an interview with Racked, in her view the clothes are worn in a slightly sarcastic way; whether you believe that or not, it's certain typical Peter to either keep hold of a T-shirt he likes, or order another one.

39. Rejecting The Suit

In a pivotal moment, Peter decides he doesn't want to take the Spider-Man costume with him. He wants to just be a normal kid, enjoying a school holiday with his classmates and taking the chance to get closer to MJ. The comics have always focused on the conflict between Peter Parker's private life and his superhero career, with Peter frequently forced to ditch friends - and even dates - in order to suit up. Presumably, that's been happening in the MCU as well, and he's tired of it. Of course, it's also possible that the end of Avengers: Endgame left Spider-Man worn out, and he wants a chance to get away from it.

38. Peter Parker Is Using Uncle Ben's Suitcase

Ben Parker Suitcase in Spider-Man Far From Home

The MCU has avoided retelling Spider-Man's origin story, which means there hasn't been a glimpse of Uncle Ben, and the famous "power and responsibility" line has never been uttered. Indeed, this trailer is actually the first time Uncle Ben has been explicitly referenced in the MCU; Peter is using his uncle's suitcase. Notice the initials on the case, BFP, which clearly suggest he's using his uncle's old case. Interestingly enough, in the comics Ben's never been given a middle name.

37. First Stop: Venice

First stop on the European summer vacation: Venice. It's certainly the right place for Peter to try to get closer to MJ - the canals of Venice are famed for being a romantic locale. Unfortunately, of course, Peter will find it hard to leave his Spider-Man career behind when trouble comes to find him.

36. Betty And Ned Are A Couple In Spider-Man: Far From Home

Betty and Ned in Spider-Man Far From Home

Love is in the air in Spider-Man: Far From Home - and not just for Peter Parker. The trailer shows that Jacob Batalon's Ned Leeds and Angourie Rice's Betty Brant are now a couple, an idea that's lifted straight from the comics. There, the two eventually married - although this being a comic book wedding, it was interrupted by a super-villain. The relationship didn't turn out well, unfortunately, not least because Betty was still secretly interested in Peter Parker.

As this scene continues, a boat passes by with the number "212." This is a smart Easter egg to Amazing Spider-Man #212 - the first appearance of classic Spider-Man villain Hydro-Man. That will prove to be important in other scenes set in Venice.

35. Peter And MJ Are Interested In Each Other

Peter may have been unimpressed by Happy's flirting with his aunt, but he's no master himself. In this hilarious scene, he attempts to compliment MJ, who flirts with him in her own sarcastic way before deciding to cut the guy some slack. MJ is most definitely being positioned as Spider-Man's love interest, and set photos have shown her being carried around by a web-slinging Spider-Man in some fairly intimate poses. Given she's sharp as a razor, it's possible MJ will deduce that Peter is Spider-Man over the course of the film.

34. New-Age MJ

Zendaya's Michelle, of course, is very different to the comic book version of MJ - a redhead named Mary Jane. Kirsten Dunst played a more comic book accurate version of MJ in the Sam Raimi trilogy, and Marvel don't seem interested in attempting to repeat characters or plot beats that have been successful on the big screen before. This version of MJ is a sharp, sarcastic teen who seems to be a committed feminist.

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