Spider-Man Trailer Now Plays After Avengers: Endgame Credits

Tom Holland as Peter Parker Spider-Man in Spider-Man Far From Home

The new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer has been attached to Avengers: Endgame screenings and will play after the credits. Released online earlier this week, the preview gives fans their first look at a post-Endgame MCU. Understandably, Peter Parker continues to mourn the loss his mentor, Tony Stark, as he resumes activities of being a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. He's looking forward to his school's European vacation as a way to relax and take a much-needed mental break from being a superhero, but he gets called into action to help Nick Fury and Mysterio deal with The Elementals.

Anyone who's seen it knows the Far From Home trailer makes no qualms about spoiling key events from Endgame. This is why it included a special message from Tom Holland warning people to look away if they are among the few who have yet to see Marvel's record-shattering blockbuster in theaters. While it was nice of Sony and Marvel to add that bit, it made things difficult in regards to showing the Far From Home trailer at the multiplex. On the off chance someone went to see Detective Pikachu before getting a chance to see Endgame, they potentially could have been spoiled. But Marvel's found a creative work-around for that problem.

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According to Deadline, the Far From Home trailer is now attached to Endgame and will screen after the credits. A short message from Holland telling viewers to stick around for a sneak peek at Spider-Man plays before Endgame starts.

Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio in Spider-Man Far From Home

For the first two weeks of its run, Endgame broke MCU tradition by having no stingers. Mid and post-credits scenes have been a franchise staple ever since Nick Fury's now-iconic initial appearance in the first Iron Man, but with Endgame looking to provide a definitive finale to the epic Infinity Saga, directors Joe and Anthony Russo felt it better to just end the film without including any teases for the MCU's future or a comedic bit. Instead, the Endgame credits featured a stylized sequence paying tribute to the original six Avengers and an audio cue from the first Iron Man as a surprise. Because of this, theaters were telling moviegoers to leave before the Endgame credits ended, but now fans have reason to stick around. Even if they've already seen the Far From Home trailer online, watching it on the big screen is a different experience.

It's rather fitting the Far From Home trailer is now showing after Endgame. Spider-Man's next solo venture is positioned as the last movie in Phase 3, making it an epilogue of sorts to the larger Infinity Saga. The first era of the MCU may have reached its conclusion, but Marvel isn't going to stop making movies anytime soon. They have several release dates set aside for mystery films and will reveal their Phase 4 plans in the summer. No matter what happens, Peter Parker is set to be an integral figure in the MCU moving forward, making Far From Home a key entry in the franchise's new age.

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Source: Deadline

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