This Is What Spider-Man: Far From Home Would Look Like As A Step Up Movie

Funny or Die Spider-Man Steps Up

Funny or Die releases a parody video in which Spider-Man has a secret weapon, and that weapon is the power of dance. The clip mashes together the Step Up movie franchise with characters from the upcoming MCU film Spider-Man: Far From Home. The result is a comedic imagining of a poppin’ and lockin’ Peter Parker. 

Directed by Jon Watts, Spider-Man: Far From Home represents the 23rd MCU franchise film, and will be a direct sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Tom Holland reprises his role as the titular superhero, while Samuel L. Jackson reprises his MCU franchise role as Nick Fury. Jackson recently portrayed a younger version of Nick Fury in Captain Marvel, and will appear in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame. Meanwhile, Jake Gyllenhaal will star as Quentin Beck aka Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home. As for Duane Adler’s Step Up franchise, the series features young dancers of different backgrounds. In the original franchise installment, Channing Tatum stars opposite Jenna Dewan. Produced for $12 million, Step Up earned over $114 million at the box office, and inspired four sequels, along with a YouTube Premium series that launched in 2018 and returned for a second season in 2019.

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On YouTube, Funny or Die released a Spider-Man/Step Up parody video entitled “Spider-Man Steps Up.” Early on, Spider-Man’s weekend vacation is interrupted by Nick Fury, who states: “You got gifts, Parker. But you have a job to do. Are you going to step up or not?” Of course, the various clips are taken from MCU films, and the parody plot thickens when Iron Man scratches on the turntables and sets off a lit street party. The clip introduces Mysterio through a street dancing shot of Gyllenhaal from Jean-Marc Vallée’s 2015 film Demolition, and Spidey then decides to slip into something more comfortable by replacing his normal superhero threads with a skin-tight, all-black get-up. For this portion, Funny or Die uses clips from Tom Holland’s 2017 performance of “Umbrella” on Lip Sync Battle. By the end, Spider-Man does indeed step up, and the clip then incorporates Tobey Maguire’s awkward Spidey street dance from Spider-Man 3. Watch “Spider-Man Steps Up” below.

Created in 2007, Funny or Die has been a popular destination for comedy fans over the years. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay originally co-founded the website, along with Chris Henry and Michael Kvamme. Over the years, Funny or Die has produced numerous original clips, with many of their most popular videos coming from Zach Galifianakis’ “Between Two Ferns” interview series. Ferrell and McKay recently announced a creative split, however they’ll continue to work together for existing projects under their company Gary Sanchez Productions.

Recently, Funny or Die released a Game of Thrones-themed video called “Wig Warging with Jonathan Van Ness: Evil Carol Brady.” Meanwhile, Saturday Night Live aired a Game of Thrones crossover sketch when Kit Harington hosted earlier this month. With Game of Thrones set to conclude before Spider-Man: Far From Home’s July release date, perhaps Funny or Die’s Step Up parody clip foreshadows what’s to come by late spring and early summer.

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