Can Spider-Man: Far From Home Have Stakes After Avengers 4?

Because Spider-Man: Far From Home comes to theaters next year directly after Avengers 4, the Spidey sequel could have a hard time establishing stakes, especially after the ending of Avengers: Infinity War. The events in Far From Home will also reportedly occur "just a few minutes" after the end of Avengers 4. Presumably, Avengers 4 will include Thanos' defeat at the hands of the Avengers and Peter Parker's safe return to planet Earth, making it possible for Spider-Man to go on vacation to Europe and fight new villains in his sequel.

But after the cataclysmic events of Avengers: Infinity War, and the inevitable earth-shattering deaths that will occur in Avengers 4, can Spider-Man: Far From Home offer audiences anything as thrilling or monumental? Or, perhaps a better question is: should it even try?

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Avengers 4 is the culmination of decades of superhero films, many of which attempted to surpass the previous films: bigger villains, larger armies, more powers, higher stakes. In the case of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4, Thanos is the pinnacle of villainy. Not only is he the most powerful person in the universe by the end of the film, but he actually wins against the Avengers and their allies - at least in Infinity War anyway. 

However, if Spider-Man: Far From Home attempted to "outdoThanos and Avengers 4, then it would fall flat. Even if the creative team could create a villain who was eviler and more powerful than Thanos, it would miss some of the central elements that made Spider-Man: Homecoming such a strong and lovable film. Instead, Spider-Man: Far From Home should model itself on Homecoming's strengths and make a "smaller" superhero film that focuses on the personal aspects of Peter Parker's life as both as a student and a hero.

Spider-Man Fought Thanos and Died

Spider-Man and Thanos in Avengers Infinity War

Josh Brolin's Thanos sets a high bar in Avengers Infinity War. He seems unimaginably powerful in Guardians of the Galaxy, even before he begins to accumulate the Infinity Stones, and come Avengers: Infinity War's ending he becomes unstoppable, wiping half of the universe's population from existence in an instant.

Spider-Man himself disappears, leaving a panicked Tony Stark to wonder if Peter Parker is dead (and creating the popular "I don't feel so good" meme). It's easy for the audience to realize that Spider-Man won't actually stay dead, especially since he has an upcoming film that is confirmed to take place after the events of Avengers 4. However, Iron Man has none of that assurance as he watches his protégé disappear into thin air.

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Whatever follows in Avengers 4 is going to leave a major impact on Peter. He joined several other heroes to go head to head against Thanos, and actually had the Mad Titan up against the ropes before Peter Quill lost his cool, giving the upper hand back to Thanos. The bar has been set as high as possible for the web-slinger, so it will be basically impossible for Spider-Man: Far From Home to throw anything at him more dramatic or challenging than what he's already faced.

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