Spider-Man: Far From Home: 10 Things That Even Superfans Were Shocked By

Spider-Man: Far From Home is filled with one curveball after another. Here's 10 things about the movie that even MCU superfans were shocked by.


The third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) finally comes to a close with its epilogue Spider-Man: Far From Home. Spider-Man’s second solo movie in the biggest franchise in movie history has Peter Parker (Tom Holland) going on a vacation around Europe, where trouble finds him in the form of The Elementals. With the help of the new hero Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), Spider-Man has to save the day while also trying to get the personal life he wants.

Since it’s the last Marvel movie before Phase Four finally begins, it goes without saying that the webslinger’s second MCU movie has some surprises and sharp turns that even long-time Spider-Man comic readers won’t see coming. Here are the 10 most surprising things in Spider-Man: Far From Home that took even the most seasoned Spider-Man fans by surprise.

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10 The Blip

Thanos’ snap – or “The Blip” – is the most devastating event in the whole MCU, but it’s only now that audiences get to see its ramifications on those who aren’t superheroes. If Endgame revealed the mourning, Far From Home shows what happened during and after Thanos’ universal genocide.

Audiences finally get to see how the people returned after Bruce Banner snapped the dead back to life with the Infinity Gauntlet. The sequel also shows how the world coped after Endgame, with the resurrected people struggling to readjust and tributes to Tony Stark cropping up all over the world.

9 Peter Parker and MJ

Peter’s relationship with MJ is a staple in the comics, but it had yet to materialize in the MCU. After being teased in Homecoming, the two finally get together by the end of Far From Home.

Of the many romantic pairings that blossom in this sequel, this one is the most pleasantly surprising because it took some time to build up to and finally happen. MJ herself is an entirely different character, and her new spunky persona breathes new life into one of the most enduring and beloved couples in all of Marvel comics.

8 Peter Parker And Quentin Beck

It may have been shown in the promotional materials, but seeing how close Peter got with Quentin Beck aka Mysterio was surprising for some. Depending on the writer, Mysterio can either be a manipulative mastermind or a bumbling baddie but the MCU turns him into a friend for Peter.

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Sadly, this bond was one of Mysterio’s illusions as he only wanted to get the EDITH system from Peter’s hands. How much Beck really cared for Peter is up for debate, since he was willing to kill the kid and destroy his life despite legitimately feeling sorry for him.

7 Tony Stark Is The New Uncle Ben

An integral part of Spider-Man’s mythos is his Uncle Ben, who teaches him about responsibility and whose death spurns him into heroism. The MCU may not have an Uncle Ben but it gave Peter a new father figure: Tony Stark.

Far From Home doubles down on Peter’s struggle to carry Iron Man’s legacy, especially after his sacrifice in Endgame. What may surprise some comic readers is how the MCU created a new emotional dynamic for Peter to deal with instead of lifting something from the comics, and this is a welcome change for the all too familiar story of Spider-Man.

6 Mysterio’s Illusions

He may be known as the Master of Illusions, but seeing how exactly Mysterio’s abilities would be realized onscreen was a big question mark for viewers. Far From Home doesn’t just bring the illusions to life but does so with some help from unexpected sources.

Mysterio’s illusions are powered by the BARF technology seen in Capt. America: Civil War, which is something Stark apparently stole from its inventor Beck. Helping him is a crew of other disgruntled Stark Industries employees, who use their skills to make The Elementals and Mysterio – himself a special effect – into a reality.

5 Mysterio Is A Great MCU Villain

Mysterio being a duplicitous villain may not be shocking to comic book readers, but seeing just how far he would go to achieve his nefarious goals caught even the most experienced Spidey fans off guard.  Like Vulture, Beck bears a vendetta against Stark and seeing this updated version of the classic villain was a surprise for Spidey fans.

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The MCU’s Mysterio isn’t just a threat but a compelling antagonist who becomes a thorn on Peter’s side. Also, Mysterio – oftentimes a fishbowl-wearing punchline of a supervillain – appearing in an MCU movie was a surprise for some fans.

4 Nick Fury Is A Skurll

After viewing Far From Home’s trailers, some fans wondered how Nick Fury – a manipulative espionage expert – could trust a conman like Mysterio. Surprisingly, there’s an explanation: Fury isn’t really Fury.

As it turns out, the Skrull leader Talos has been impersonating the S.H.I.E.L.D. director for quite some time, along with his wife taking Maria Hill’s place. In a way, this is a heroic subversion of the old Capt. Marvel fan theory that suspected Fury of being a villainous Skrull in disguise, hypothetically planting the seeds for the MCU’s version of Secret Invasion.

3 Nick Fury In Space

The reason why the Skrulls took command of S.H.I.E.L.D. is bigger than anyone could’ve guessed. Fury is still alive and well, only he’s in a space station filled with Skrulls. The director’s mission in space isn’t explained or showed, but it’s a great tease for the future of the MCU.

Ever since Thor told Jane about the Nine Realms and the Bifrost, Marvel fans knew that the cosmic side of the comics would appear in the MCU. Far From Home finally confirms this, promising that the cinematic universe is about to get even bigger.

2 J. Jonah Jameson

Spider-Man just isn’t the same without The Daily Bugle and its spiteful boss J. Jonah Jameson (aka JJJ). Far From Home finally brings these staples back, even going the extra mile by recasting the irreplaceable J.K. Simmons from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy as JJJ.

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This time around, the Bugle is a controversial InfoWars-styled podcast hosted by JJJ, not unlike its incarnation in the latest Spider-Man video game. The Bugle is known for slandering Spider-Man’s name, but now it’s spreading one of the most dangerous lies that the webslinger has faced in a movie.

1 Spider-Man: Wanted For Murder

The most unexpected turn of events came in the mid-credits scene, where Mysterio frames Spider-Man for his death and the London attacks. Even worse, Spider-Man’s secret identity is outed with the help of The Daily Bugle.

In the comics, Spider-Man’s identity going public always spelled disaster. Notably, Peter’s family was endangered in Civil War after he revealed his identity to the world and he even died in Ultimate Spider-Man when fighting the Sinister Six, who attacked his residence upon learning who Spider-Man was. This development will undoubtedly have strong ramifications on Spider-Man in future MCU movies.

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