Spider-Man: Far From Home: 10 Questions About Mysterio’s Powers, Finally Answered

Mysterio faces off against Spider-Man in Far From Home, but there are people out there who might not be familiar with his particular set of powers.


There’s a lot to look forward to in Spider-Man: Farm From Home, with Mysterio’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) cinematic debut being one of the bigger things to get excited about. The fan-favorite villain finally appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), only now he’s a hero from a parallel Earth who will fight alongside Spider-Man aka Peter Parker (Tom Holland) to defeat The Elementals.

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Because of this significant change in his persona and origins, long-time comic book readers and Spidey fans have been questioning Mysterio’s mere existence in the MCU. They also wonder what his presence could signify for the franchise going forward, since the implication of a multiverse could open even more doors for the ever-expanding cinematic universe. Here are 10 questions about Mysterio’s powers that Far From Home finally answers.

10 What’s The Source Of Mysterio’s Powers?

The origins of Mysterio’s powers tend to change depending on who was writing his stories. Sometimes he’d be a former special effects maestro from the filmmaking industry, while others times he’d be depicted as an evil sorcerer whose specialty was making illusions.

Far From Home follows the former interpretation and continues the MCU’s brand of grounded yet fantastical superheroes and villains. Even if he’s capable of creating mind-bending illusions, Mysterio is just as human as Tony Stark is when he’s not wearing his Iron Man armor.

9 How Does Mysterio Have Superpowers?

In Far From Home, Mysterio is shown to be capable of flying and using magic not unlike what Dr. Strange and the other sorcerers are known for. He uses these to fight the sequel’s version of certain Spider-Man villains like Hydro-Man and Sandman, here referred to as The Elementals.

Long-time comic book readers’ suspicions regarding these (and Mysterio’s newfound heroism) were proven right when it’s revealed that Mysterio doesn’t possess any extraordinary powers. Everything he does to combat The Elementals is created using state-of-the-art Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

8 Can Mysterio’s Illusions Hurt?

Mysterio’s city-wide illusions are made using AR projectors mounted on drones, but what sells the charade is the harm the digital Elementals cause. This is achieved with the use of the drone’s weaponry, which inflict the necessary collateral damage and miniscule natural disasters to make the Elementals believably threatening.

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The level of destruction only gets worse when Mysterio gets a hold of Stark’s EDITH system, which gives the user an army of fully weaponized drones to command. Using this, Mysterio is (almost) able to pull off his biggest illusion yet.

7 What’s The Purpose Of Mysterio’s Dome?

Mysterio’s iconic fishbowl helmet normally doesn’t have much use outside of retaining the character’s distinct look from the comics, but it serves a practical purpose in his cinematic debut.

The dome is an enlarged version of Stark’s glasses which control the EDITH system, granting its wearer full control of the aforementioned Stark drones and a host of other abilities like hacking into servers, deleting files from someone’s phone, and editing live footage to make Mysterio’s attacks look believable to anyone watching.

6 What’s Mysterio’s Connection To The MCU?

The right question about Mysterio isn’t if he’s somehow connected to the MCU but how he is. The answer lies within the illusions themselves, since the technology used to create them was introduced way back in Capt. America: Civil War.

In the movie’s opening act, Tony Stark introduces the Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing (BARF) technology that lets its users create a convincing hologram that people can interact with. Quentin Beck aka Mysterio was its creator but Stark stole his invention and renamed it BARF, turning Beck into another one of Stark’s problematic legacies that Peter has to deal with.

5 Is Mysterio Real?

Creating Avengers-level battles with The Elementals isn’t the only thing Mysterio uses his AR technology for because even he himself is a special effect. Beck does don a caped costume when talking to Nick Fury or Spider-Man, but the Mysterio who fights the giant monsters is also a digital creation.

In fact, Mysterio’s true from is literally just Jake Gyllenhaal walking around in a motion capture suit while wearing a glass dome. This doesn’t make him completely harmless, since Beck is still flanked by armed drones and is more than capable of using a regular handgun.

4 How Does Mysterio Beat Spider-Man?

Mysterio’s lack of literal superpowers doesn’t make him any less dangerous, since he lives up to his printed counterpart’s legacy by screwing with Spidey’s mind. Using a combination of AR projectors and personal knowledge of Peter, Beck gets into the webslinger’s mind long enough to extract important information and nearly kill him.

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The illusions – which include an army of Mysterios and an undead Iron Man – are appropriately surreal and nightmarish, and will undoubtedly excite comic readers who love the illustrated dream sequences that Beck unleashes in the printed pages.

3 Who Is Mysterio?

Like in the comics, Beck – a genius inventor with a grudge – is Mysterio but he isn’t alone. Here, Mysterio is Beck and a group of disgruntled Stark Industries employees who want to make a name for themselves.

Under Beck’s leadership, the group – which includes a costume designer and scientist William Ginter from Iron Man – cooperates to bring Mysterio to life. In a way, Mysterio is a better realized version of The Mandarin from Iron Man 3: a revisionist take on a goofy comic book villain who’s updated with a meta-twist, only without the smugly weak punchline.

2 Does Mysterio Really Come From The Multiverse?

Mysterio introduces himself as a hero from an another Earth, which was destroyed by The Elementals who are now causing havoc in the MCU. This sparked a lot of fan-theories regarding the MCU’s multiverse potential, but all of this was a ruse fabricated by Mysterio’s creators.

One of the people on board Mysterio’s team is a writer, who gives the dome-headed Beck what every modern-day superhero needs: a convincing origin story. He even feeds Beck misleading lines of dialogue to throw S.H.I.E.L.D. off during the final charade, but Fury saw through the illusions by this point.

1 How Dangerous Is Mysterio?

To compensate for his lack of actual superpowers and combat prowess, comic book Mysterio outsmarts his opponents with the use of his signature trickery. Far From Home takes this to the next level by having Mysterio destroy Spider-Man’s life instead of simply getting away.

As a contingency plan, Beck has his team fabricate footage of Spider-Man killing Mysterio and commanding the EDITH drones to attack London. He also reveals Spider-Man’s secret identity to the world, putting the lives of Peter and everyone he cares for in danger while also framing him for the murder of the beloved multiverse hero.

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