10 Spider-Man: Far From Home Predictions You'll Wish We Got Right

From a May-Happy romance to a Tony Stark AI, these are the theories we'd love to see come true this summer in the MCU.

Spider-Man Far From Home Iron Man Poster Cropped

With Spider-Man: Far From Home releasing in theaters across the globe in just a few short weeks, there's no better time than now to dive into some of the most exciting possibilities the film carries with it. Being the first Marvel film to take place after the events of Avengers: Endgame, Far From Home has a lot of responsibility being placed on its shoulders to usher in the next age of the MCU. While there are some of the more obvious theories making their way across the web, theories like Mysterio actually being a villain (WHAAAAT?), there are also quite a few making the rounds that could potentially set up some massive changes for the MCU moving forward. So let’s dive into some of the multiverse-shattering possibilities that could be awaiting Spider-fans in the web-slinger’s upcoming film.

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10 Mysterio? A Villain, You Say?!

Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio in Spider-Man Far From Home

Anyone that has seen any of the recent trailers for Far From Home knows that Marvel has devoted a significant portion of the trailers to convincing long-time Spider-fans that Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio isn’t the villain many know and love. But let’s be real for a second here, dude’s straight-up shady. First of all, why does he know so much about the elementals terrorizing the web-slinger on his European vacation? B, why is the story he tells Peter about his multiversal travels so similar to his Ultimate universe origins? And lastly, can anyone in the world really picture Quentin Beck, illusionist and con artist extraordinaire as an Avenger? That’s seemingly where he’d end up if he were actually a hero, no? One thing is for sure though, there’s much more going on with Beck than meets the eye. The real question is what is Beck after, and how are the elementals involved?

9 The Chameleon

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

Speaking of people in the trailers that are more than meets the eye, anyone who got a close look at Nick Fury in the Far From Home trailer may have noticed a slightly odd return to form for the character. While fans may be used to see Fury organizing heroes and bringing them together, it is a tad odd seeing him back in the field and wearing his all-black ensemble. The former director of S.H.I.E.L.D. may have lost some of his pull after the events of Winter Soldier and Age Of Ultron, but heading back out into the field just didn’t seem like it was in the cards for the aging agent. However, maybe it’s not actually Fury helping with a heroic team-up, but The Chameleon working with Mysterio, two masters of deception, to trick the wallcrawler into helping with their villainous plans.

8 The Faux-ltiverse?

While Marvel has already begun to explore the literally endless possibilities a cinematic multi-verse could open up for them, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Quentin Beck is being entirely honest about his multi-versal travels. 

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So if Beck is lying about being a hero, and lying about being from a different universe, just what are his intentions? Claiming to be a superhero from a different dimension is definitely a hard fact to verify. However, that still doesn’t quite explain why the, as of yet unknown, Quentin Beck would need to con S.H.I.E.L.D. along with a few of their super friends into believing that he’s come from another dimension. Or how he managed to get in contact with them in the first place.

7 The Happy-May Love Connection

While most Spider-fans never thought they’d have to live a reality where a “hot aunt May”  was a thing, Fiege and the rest of the crew over at Marvel have plopped us square in the middle of the universe. Another unsuspecting victim of Aunt May’s uncharacteristic youthful appearance is one, Happy Hogan. While their relationship has been hinted at in the Far From Home trailers the extent of their affections has yet to be revealed. Is there the potential for an uncle Happy in Pete’s future? With Mysterio making his debut as a hero and Peter’s secret-identity less of a secret and more of a small supportive fan club, it seems like anything is possible moving forward in the MCU.

6 Sinister Six

Whispers and rumors of the Sinister Six making their onscreen debut have been making the rounds of the Spider-verse ever since Andrew Garfield was swinging around New York. While Garfield’s run as the wallcrawler may have ended a tad prematurely, the rustlings of the Sinister Six making their way to the silver screen have yet to quiet. This theory is supported by the fact that Micahel Keaton’s Vulture and Michael Mando’s Scorpion have already made their debut in the MCU. The duo may only make up one-third of the Sinister Sextet, it’s possible that Mysterio along with another, as of yet unnamed, villain will be making their entrance into the MCU with Far From Home’s release.

5 Harry & The Osborns

Spider-Man ps4 Harry Osborn

Ahhh, The Osborns. A tale as old as time. Spider-Man meets boy. They quickly become best friends. The boy's father begins experimenting with a super-soldier serum and becomes Spider-man’s archnemesis. Boy begins to loathe Spider-Man and picks up the mantle left behind by his father. You know, that old diddy. While the MCU has yet to introduce either Harry or Norman, it’s more than likely that at least Harry will be introduced in Far From Home (perhaps after having lived and aged through the five years post-snappening). However, another big change to the previous cinematic versions of the Osborns could be just around the corner. While Harry and Norman have had just about as many cinematic interpretations as the wall-crawler himself, Harry’s (supposedly) deceased mother has yet to make an appearance in any film. Hell, she’s hardly even mentioned. Could the MCU be prepping to introduce the one person who recognized Norman’s villainous ways long before the rest of the world caught up?

4 A Whole New World

So this whole Mysterio debacle seemingly has about three courses in which it can run through. Scenario one: Mysterio, the tricky villain that he is, has duped the wallcrawler into believing he’s a hero. Likely ends with him in prison. Scenario two: Dude’s actually a hero from a different dimension and he decides to stick around for some reason. Unlikely. Scenario three: Mysterio, the multi-verse traveling hero helps Spidey to defeat the elementals exactly as the trailers have stated. This last scenario opens up the possibility for some multi-versal travel for the wall-crawler himself. Fans have already watched as the original Avengers traversed the multiverse in order to stop Thanos. With the universe still reeling from the trauma of Thanos’ snap decision, perhaps, Spidey will get a chance to peer through the veil and see what effects Thanos’ has had on the multiverse as a whole.

3 I Am Spider-Man

“Don’t do anything I would do and definitely don’t do anything I would do.”  Those are the now-famous words spoken to the young hero Tony Stark would leave the fate of the universe with. However, as any fan of the MCU knows, Peter has never been great at following instructions. The first age of the MCU was kicked off by the earth-shattering revelation that Tony Stark was, in fact, Iron Man. A statement Stark made loud, proud, and clear repeatedly. 

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With his untimely demise, the earth is looking for a new hero. Someone to look up to. Someone to trust. As previously mentioned, Peter’s “secret identity” hasn’t been much of a secret in the MCU. In fact, it seems like there isn’t a single person close to him that doesn’t know his secret. Could Far From Home lead Peter to follow in his hero’s footsteps and announce to the world “I am Spider-Man”? As Peter says himself, “The world needs the next Iron Man.”

2 Tony Stark: Artificial Intelligence

Much like in the comics, it has long been rumored that with RDJ’s (and therefore Stark’s) exit from the MCU could be less permanent than originally imagined. Tony Stark is and always will be the futurist, the guy whose plans have plans, the man cursed with knowledge. There’s no doubt that Tony knew that he would likely end up saying his final goodbyes through a hologram after confronting Thanos. However, with that much time to plan, it’s quite possible that Tony had time to leave something else behind for the hero he would hand the fate of the world to. While RDJ may no longer be making any appearances in the MCU that doesn’t stop him from doing some voice work (a la Paul Bettany’s Jarvis) for a Tony Stark AI built to continue helping the only son he’d ever know. Tony Stark is dead. Long live Tony Stark.

1 Enter: Miles Morales

As previously mentioned, there are a lot of consequences that sprout from Tony’s decision to bring back those who were lost in the aftermath of the snap rather than to undo it. One of those consequences, perhaps the most exciting of them all, is that Miles Morales (who has already been mentioned by Donald Glover’s Prowler back in Homecoming) has likely aged enough to join Peter in High School, maybe even on his European trip. Miles’ entry into the MCU changes things quite a bit, but it also hints at the fact that Peter’s journey through the MCU may likely mirror his journey through Marvel Comics’ Ultimate Universe. Is Marvel setting up Peter to follow in the steps of his hero and his Ultimate universe counterpart? Will the introduction of Miles Morales and Harry Osborn mark the beginning of the end for the original web-slinger? Spider-fans will just have to wait to find out when Far From Home releases on July 2nd.

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